We’ve all been there. You wake up Sunday morning, and instead of feeling like P. Diddy, you feel like you’ve been run down by the Four Horseman. While lying there contemplating last night’s victories (or losses?) you are hit with a wave of hunger that only a big brunch will satisfy.

Visions of eggs, pancakes and bacon draw you from the comfort of your bed, and you reach the conclusion that the dining hall just won’t kick this mornings hangover to the curb. You need the big guns- you need to brunch.

You decide to gather some friends and head off campus to curb your stomach rumbling, but the choices in South Bend seem to be endless. Where to go? We’ve got you covered:

Le Peep


Photo courtesy of Le Peep

Located in Downtown South Bend, Le Peep is like the little breakfast café you always go to at home, the type of place that serves hearty dishes delivered by a friendly and attentive staff. You’ll leave here with a full heart and stomach every time, guaranteed.

Try one of their Belgian waffles or one of the greasy and delish potato hashes. You will be happy no matter what you order- feel your hangover fade away with every bite.

The Original Pancake House


Photo courtesy of Original Pancake House

If you prefer Eurocentric cuisine to it’s American counter parts, the Original Pancake House will offer you just what you need (without having to actually travel hungover). Two of the restaurant’s major sellers, the Apple Pancakes and Dutch Baby pancake, will provide all the carbs your body demands after one too many drinks the night before.

While they do offer other “normal” brunch options, pancakes pancakes pancakes are definitely the way to go for your Sunday morning needs. Walking in and smelling the homemade batter will be enough to forget about your next-day woes.

Evil Czech Brewery


Photo by Robin Link

As a relatively newer place for the South Bend/Mishawaka region, Evil Czech has taken brunch and given it just the hangover twist it needed. Serving up a relatively cheap and bottomless bounty of small plates, you can easily fill up until they have to roll you out the door.

Evil Czech features smaller portions of all their normal gourmet-bar menu dishes, with a few added breakfast noms (pork carnita’s tacos or bacon pancakes.) Round out your meal with one of their home-brewed beers if just one more drink is what you need to make it through the hangover- hair of the dog, anyone?

Nick’s Patio


Photo courtesy of Nick’s Patio

If you look into your wallet and realize you unknowingly spent (or lost) most of your cash the night before, Nick’s Patio will help you make the most of those last dollars with unbelievably cheap yet still delicious brunch plates. Nick’s Patio covers all the grounds when it comes to breakfast offerings, so whether biscuits and gravy or a create-your-own omelet are calling your name, you will be fulfilled.

Best thing about Nick’s Patio? The place is huge, so there is rarely much of a wait.

Uptown Kitchen


Photo by Cat Galleti

While the drive to this restaurant might be a little farther, the payoff is well worth the miles. Coined as Granger’s favorite brunch hotspot, Uptown Kitchen’s fresh and flavorful fare will carry you back to humanity from your boozy zombie self.

If you are looking for a classier brunch experience- think handcrafted mimosas, bloody marys-  this place will satisfy the thirst without a big dip into your wallet. Also, with a wide array of delicious dishes, including great vegetarian or vegan options, Uptown Kitchen will feed even the pickiest of your friends.

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