As much as Insta captions and Facebook album titles try to deny the inevitable, it’s almost the end of the year and graduation is upon us. The good news is that means your parents are getting ready to make their way down to Winston for a week of dinners out on the town.

Don’t miss out on these five parent-approved restaurants in Winston-Salem for your final farewell meals.

1. Ryan’s 

719 Coliseum Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 • (336) 724-6132


Photo courtesy of Kristen Reinert

You probably went here every time your parents visited freshman year just because you didn’t know any other restaurants in Winston-Salem. Throw it back to simpler times and give Ryan’s another shot.

What to expect: This place has an old-style luxurious feel, picture Don Draper throwing one back at the rich mahogany bar.

What to order: Ryan’s is first and foremost a steakhouse so treat yo’ self to a ribeye. Steaks here have a gorgeous crust on the outside and are consistently perfectly cooked.

2. Meridian

411 Marshall St SW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 • (336) 722-8889


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Meridian is a stunning restaurant in downtown W-S with an innovative menu; expect to see dishes like Veal Wellington and grilled antelope alongside your classic steak and potatoes.

What to expect: Meridian prides itself on providing an upscale dining experience in a comfortable and non-pretentious atmosphere. Jacket, tie, and pinky-out are optional.

What to order: Seafood appetizers here get a lot of publicity. Try either the steamed mussels in Chardonnay cream or the fried oysters served with creamed spinach and smoked bacon to get your seafood fix.

3. 1703

1703 Robinhood Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 • (336) 725-5767


Photo courtesy of Curtis Hackaday

Tucked away downtown, 1703 is pretty easy to miss if you’re driving through Winston-Salem. It’s worth your effort to seek out, though, trust me.

What to expect: Family-owned, 1703 is the perfect cozy little dining experience. The waitstaff are your friends and the wine and meat are all from local, small-operation vineyards and farms. And according to one lady on Yelp, they’ll even bring you a black napkin upon request to match your outfit.

What to order: Their steak and seafood are up to par, but their key lime pie is the real winner. Its tart and velvety filling and rich chocolate crust steal the show.

4. Bernardin’s

901 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 • (336) 725-6666


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Bernardin’s puts a modern twist on French cooking, featuring entrees from duck breast and surf n’ turf to curry-encrusted grouper and Tandoori Kangaroo.

What to expect: History majors, get ready to use your degree for the first (and probably last) time: Bernardin’s is a historic home-turned-restaurant, located in the Zevely House in the West End Historic District.

What to order: Start your meal off with the goat cheese tart, a creamy but delicate appetizer packed with tomatoes, eggplant, and topped with a balsamic drizzle.

5. Fabian’s

1100 Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 • (336) 723-7700


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As if you’re not already getting enough attention this weekend, dinner at Fabian’s is a dining experience catered specifically to you. You’re guaranteed a personal appearance by Bill, the head chef, to explain your menu for the night.

What to expect: A few different 5-course tasting menus are offered each night, and Bill will be sure to stop by each table and tell you what you’re in for. There’s just one seating per night and only 4 tables per seating; Fabian’s offers up the most intimate service you could ask for.

What to order: The chef’s tasting menu style of dining takes this matter out of your hands, but you should hope you’re there on a night when duck is on the menu. The crispy skin will melt in your mouth and blow your mind.

So take one last hike up Pilot Mountain (don’t forget to take 73845 pics while you’re up there!) and call up one of these places to book a rezzie for your last hurrah. Just kidding – if you haven’t had graduation dinner booked since freshman year, you’re sunk. The Pit might have some openings?

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