Up in the Great Smoky Mountains, Dolly Parton has created a world of whimsy where you are sent back in time to the early days of the good ole USA. No, seriously, you are in the middle of a battle between two enemies while eating a meal fit for a giant. Here is what the Dixie Stampede has in store for you.

1. Bluegrass

You arrive at the Dixie Stampede and head to the Dixie Belle Saloon, where the Mountain Ruckus band will perform for you. They perform songs by anyone ranging from Meghan Trainor to Dolly Parton herself. All the members of this band have traveled with Dolly, have their own bands, and have won national awards. While these talented and funny cowboys are performing for you, go and get yourself some nachos or popcorn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

2. Boot Mugs

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While you are enjoying the sounds of Mountain Ruckus, you can enjoy southern-inspired drinks in a boot mug. All drinks are served in these souvenir glasses, but they also have hurricane glasses you can take home with you. Their drink menu ranges from a Dixie Delight (a Shirley Temple) to Sitting Bull's Firewater (a combination of bubbly water, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine). You can also get a cup of coffee or just a regular Pepsi.

3. The Food

Once you get settled in the arena, it's time to pig out. Here's the deal: you're going to get the largest meal of your life. Not only do they sing songs about your food, but you don't get utensils – the only silverware you're going to use are your fingers. To start, you get a delicious biscuit and soup.

Then for the main course you will get a potato, corn on the cob, pork loin, and a whole chicken all to yourself. Don't forget about the warm apple turnover for dessert. If you are a vegetarian or gluten-free, the Dixie Stampede will provide meals for you – just make sure to let them know when you are ordering your tickets.

4. The Entertainment

Now, I don't even know where to begin, because the show is outstanding. The audience is split into the North and the South. The members of the show are also split into these teams with the North wearing blue and the South wearing gray. Throughout the night, the cast goes back in time to discover the history of the USA.

You visit the Wild Wild West, the Native Americans, and the South, where you watch a Southern belle meet a real nice Southern gentlemen, because a show isn't complete without a little romance! Here, you take time to appreciate the melting pot that is the United States of America.

Once you are done traveling back in time, the two teams split up, and the cast starts doing challenges. They do wagon races, and there are pig races. The crowd gets into it as they "stampede" their feet. Some audience members even get to participate in some of the events. You will never be bored at the Dixie Stampede.

#SpoonTip: The Dixie Stampede also has a Christmas show running from early November to early January. Make sure to check the calendar on their website.

5. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is the queen of the South. She is truly an amazing woman who has given her life to entertainment and to serving other people. She has an organization called the Imagination Library, which gives books to kids around the world. Not only does Dolly stress the importance of literacy, she has also written a few books herself. She has won countless Grammy awards and been inducted into many halls of fame.

Not only does Dolly have the Dixie Stampede, but she also has a new dinner show called Lumberjack Adventure, a water park, and she even has her own amusement park called Dollywood. She has this outstanding new resort that has shuttles to all her parks and to other places around the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area. It's a great place to come up for the weekend and escape reality. Take a break from working nine to five and head to the Great Smoky Mountains and hang out with Dolly!