Almost every college across the country has Spoon University. So why not URI? Do you like food? Are you constantly thinking about the next meal? If so, Spoon is the place for you. Spoon URI is the best place to talk about food, life hacks, wellness, and make friends all at the same time. Pretty cool, right?

1. Getting Involved on Campus

Getting involved on campus is super important! There are so many great clubs and organizations at URI, but none are really like Spoon at all. Even if you are already involved in a club, it can't hurt to add more! Why not get involved and talk about yummy food while doing it? 

2. Make New Friends

Everyone who joins Spoon URI has something in common: the fact that they just love food. Talking about your favorite foods and hacks to eat better at school will make you instantly become best friends with anyone. Why wouldn't you want to make new pals and talk about food at the same time? I can't think of a good reason why someone wouldn't want to do that!

3. Writing About Food/Health

Being able to write about something you enjoy is completely different than writing a boring paper for a class. Writing for Spoon is fun and completely different from anything else. Being able to have your own article published is the best feeling. Seeing how many people have viewed your article is also super cool. Maybe your article will go viral and you'll end up on Ellen. Who knows?

4. Build Up That Resume

We all low-key lie on resumes. Joining Spoon will give you an opportunity to practice meeting deadlines, communicating with others, and working on those writing skills. There are even leadership positions for those who want to go above and beyond. It always helps to show future employers that you have published work online! It's a win-win situation.


When you join Spoon, food will probably be your main focus. This is the perfect opportunity to explore Rhode Island and try new places to eat. Maybe you have to film or write about the best calzone- well I guess that means you just have to try the calzone! Sounds like heaven to me. 

Overall, Spoon is an awesome opportunity to write, take photos, or even film food or health tricks and meet new people while doing it. To apply to Spoon URI, please click this link and apply! We look forward to having you join our team!