In the mood to do something different this holiday? Why not take a trip to Haiti — that's what my family and I did this year. After 6 years away from home, my family and I decided to spend Christmas at the Royal Decameron Indigo Resort and Spa in Haiti. Here are 5 valid reasons to book a last minute flight and spend your holiday at the Royal Decameron Indigo Resort.

1. Reasonable Prices 

Gemima k. Cadet

Because we have plenty of family to visit while we're here, we only spend two nights at the resort. For three people in two rooms (with all inclusive food and drinks) we pay $554 USD. I'd say that that's a deal worth braving airport traffic for.

2. Photo Op

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Gemima k. Cadet

The Royal Cameron Resort (and the island, in general) is gorgeous and full of perfect shots to make all of your friends and family jealous. Long walks up and down the picturesque beaches will awaken your inner photographer. If you're looking to step up your Instagram game, then this is definitely the place to be.

3. All You Can Eat

Gemima k. Cadet

Although the resort offers three different restaurants, one of the most popular spots in the resort is the main restaurant, which is included in the price. It offers buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner with tons of themed dishes, such as seafood, Italian, steak, Mexican, and even Japanese and Thai cuisine. There's also tons of authentic local Haitian dishes. P.S. The legal drinking age in Haiti is 16.  

4. Awesome Rooms  

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Gemima k. Cadet
Out of the 380 rooms available in the hotel, about 350 of them have breathtaking views of the sea. The amenities of each room include an extra side bed, a shower with a removable shower head, a hair dryer, cable TV, and an adjustable air conditioning system in each room (which can be a lifesaver in 80 degree temperatures).

5) Limited WiFi 

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Gemima k. Cadet

When I ask for the WiFi password, I'm not disappointed to learn the WiFi isn't completely free. The WiFi is only available in the lobby. I'll admit, I definitely went through withdrawal. But with such limited access to social media, I was able to disconnect and enjoy everything around me instead of being glued to my phone. In my book, that's a definite benefit to resort life.

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Gemima k. Cadet

So if you're looking to start a new Christmas tradition, take a trip to the Royal Decameron Hotel. You can't beat the experience of spending a Christmas at the beach.