In the mood for a hot coffee or tea to make a cold winter day a cozy one? What about a perfect pastry to make studying a little sweeter or a place to enjoy a delicious brunch with your friends or family on the weekend? Tatte has it all, except a location in Davis Square. Here's why the adorable Boston cafe should open it's next location in Davis:

1. The proximity of Davis to Tufts University

Carolyn Hitelman

College students love cafes. They are great places to study while sipping on tea or coffee and indulging in delicious pastries. If Tatte were to come to Davis, there would be 5,000+ college students within a 20 minute walk from Davis at Tufts - the perfect customers, always in need of a caffeine boost and a taste of exciting food different from the dining hall fare. Plus, by adding a location near Tufts, Tatte could expand it's locations near college campuses: there are already three locations near MIT, one near Harvard, one near Boston University, and one that just opened near Emmanuel College and Simmons University. 

2. There are many young professionals in Somerville

Carolyn Hitelman

Somerville is currently a great place for young professionals to live, and Tatte provides a great atmosphere for those young professionals to gather with friends over a coffee and pastry or to get some work done outside of the office. Its modern yet cozy aesthetic fits with the millennial trends.  Tatte's business would definitely benefit from Somerville's growing population of young professionals.

3. Tatte could expand on the Red Line


Near Charles/MGH on Charles Street, near Kendall on Broadway and on Main Street, near Central on Third Street, in Harvard Square - Tatte already has several locations just minutes from several of the stops on the Red Line. By opening a location in Davis, the company could expand its "take-over" of the red line, so that no matter what stop you get off at, you can always stop in at Tatte for a treat. 

4. There's nothing quite like it in Davis, yet

Carolyn Hitelman

Sure Davis has a Starbucks and Diesel Cafe to currently satisfy the cravings for cafes; however, neither one of these places has the same atmosphere as Tatte. Starbucks is just like any other Starbucks. Diesel Cafe, with its old school automobile-inspired decor, is a really cool place and has great food, but it's aesthetic is drastically different from the bright and cozy one of Tatte. Opening a Tatte location in Davis would give visitors a new environment to explore.

5. It's delicious!

bread, pastry
Emily King

The first thing you see when you walk into a Tatte location is the long display of perfectly-created baked goods. Then your eyes turn to the blackboard style menu, where you can see the healthy and delicious options for brunch, salads, sandwiches, plates, etc. There are countless masterfully, handcrafted pastries to choose from, and a great selection of satisfying beverages. Moreover, it is a great atmosphere to engage in the social activity that eating is; Tatte's food is simply delicious, and why wouldn't we want to spread that around?