Panera is one of my favorite restaurants/cafes for many reasons; from their delicious sandwiches and soups, to their coffee and their overall zen atmosphere, what's not to love? Ever since FIU partnered up with Chartwells to be their new food service provider, everyone's been super excited because huge names in the food industry are finally making their way to our campus, one of them being the one and only Panera! Yes, we can all finally enjoy Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup without having to leave campus! Here are 5 reasons why I'm jumping up and down at the fact that our favorite cafe will be joining the Panther family.

1. Their Seasonal Menu 

Panera, unlike any other restaurant I know, has a seasonal menu that changes with what is in season, in addition to their year-round menu. Foods in season always taste better, so this is a huge plus. Right now, Panera has their Autumn Menu available, and it's all about the squash! I tried this autumn squash soup for the first time when my parents got it to-go and brought it home one day last year, and I was instantly in love. I haven't had it yet this year, but it is for sure a must whenever I get the opportunity to go to our very own FIU Panera soon! 

2. They Can Cater Campus Events

Marissa Rodriguez

When I was in High School, Panera used to cater bagels and coffee to a club at my school, and the students all loved it. Soon, we'll be able to ask Panera to cater our own events on campus! No more cold deli platters and fruit bowls; it's time for delicious coffee, sandwiches, and soups! Student events and important meetings are always looking for crowd favorites to cater their events, and Panera is no doubt loved by everyone. Campus events are about to change their food game.

3. New Lunch Spot

I occasionally meet up with friends on campus, and most of the time, we are thinking of somewhere to go for lunch or even somewhere to grab coffee and a yummy muffin. Panera is a perfect remedy for that decision! And for the ones that have never tried it, I can introduce them to it. Just imagining myself during lunch time sitting there with my coffee and a piece of coffee cake makes me feel super giddy inside. It might also make for a good Instagram picture while I'm there. A win-win situation for sure!

4. Their Atmosphere 

There is just something about the atmosphere of Panera that is calming and chill; it's perfectly suitable for catching up with a friend or getting homework done over their free Wi-Fi. It is just as every cafe should be: relatively quiet and welcoming to absolutely anyone. Whether you are there for ten minutes or a long hour, you never feel a rush to leave. A new study spot on campus? I think so!

5. There Is Something For Every Mood

In addition to their seasonal menu, they have something for anything that one may be in the mood for. In the mood for a warm, thick, creamy soup? No problem. In the mood for a cinnamon bun? They have your back. Something decadent like chocolate? They have that too. There's nothing that you dream up that they don't have, which is why it's the perfect place to come to a university campus, where students are constantly craving comfort foods that remind them of home, but sometimes have no place to go get them. Panera, essentially, will solve the majority of our problems. 

There hasn't been any confirmation as to when Panera will be making its debut at MMC, but when it does, you can be sure that I will be one of the first ones there, ordering myself a muffin and some coffee. And if you're ever trying to find me, there's a 100% chance I'll be inside...just a heads up!