A very wise Gigi Hadid once said, "Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane," and never once in my life have I related more to a 5'10", Victoria's Secret supermodel (except with the whole dating Zayn thing).  Okay, so maybe I focus more on the burger eating and less on the clean eating, but how could you not when Buddy's Burgers, Breasts, and Fries comes to Main Street right next door to your apartment?

The burger joint has been open for about two months and is already attracting huge crowds, edging out the veteran burger place on Main, Cheeburger Cheeburger. Luckily, this article about the battle of the burgers doesn't feature Ramsey Bolton, but it does show some important reasons why Buddy's is better than Cheeburger. 

1. Later Closing Times

At UD, we're #blessed to have such a variety of food options on Main Street, to cater any craving we might have. However when the sun goes down and the drunk munchies hit, it's a different story. Most places close at around 10 pm, so when you're coming home at 2 am ravenous, there's not much you can do except call up Domino's, which usually takes forever. Buddy's is open until 3 am Thursday through Saturday to take care of any of your greasy guilty pleasures, whether they be their delicious double burgers or mouth watering cheese fries.

2. Quicker Service

sweet, sweet potato, cheese, potato
Kylie McLaughlin

If you go to Cheeburger at any of their peak hours, specifically between 5-8 pm on any weekend day, you're going to wait a while to be seated, and then even longer to get your food. Even if the line is long at Buddy's, you're still going to have a shorter wait time. 

3. Fries, Fries, Fries

If you don't get fries with your burger, I can't associate with you. This is the American Dream, people, and Buddy's capitalizes on it. Not only are their regular fries out of this world, but Buddy's features a variety of different seasonings and toppings to put on their fries to make your experience that much better. Their menu features buffalo, cajun, cheese, and Old Bay parm fries (*mouth waters*).

#SpoonTip: If you are into spicy foods or like a little dry kick to your meals, GET THE CAJUN FRIES. Thank me later. 

4. More Variety

Both places give customers the option to customize their burger any way they want it, but sometimes this privilege is overwhelming and we tend to forget something we want to be on it (just hopefully not the pickles, @Spongebob) or we add something we regret when taking that first bite. Luckily, Buddy's reduces this error by providing a variety of specialty burgers that will satisfy whatever type of mood you're in, whether it be barbecue or Italian. The Soprano, Hangover and Rodeo Round-Up are just a few burgers unique to Buddy's menu and sure to please. 

5. It's Cheaper

Ah, every two words every broke college student loves to hear: it's cheaper. Not only are Buddy's actual burgers cheaper than Cheeburger's, but you don't have to add tip, which saves you about a dollar or two. It may not seem like a lot, but trust me, everything counts when you get to college. Also, Buddy's late night menu has discounts on their burgers, allowing you to get a single patty burger for about $4 and a double patty burger with toppings for about $6. I never understood why my mom got so excited about deals until now, and now I'm never going back.