It's August, meaning that there are very few days until the end of summer. For students new and old at Ohio University, this is not a disappointing realization--we are that much closer to being back in our favorite place. For those students (like myself) who haven't been around Athens this summer, you may be surprised upon your arrival to find that some things around Court Street have changed. Among the closures of beloved restaurants (Lotsa, Franco's Pizza and Lady B's), there shines a beacon of hope: a second D.P. Dough location. 

1. D.P. Dough Serves as the Perfect Drunk Food

Like they say: location, location, location. Sure, there is already a D.P. Dough store that calls Athens their home. But all the way out on Richland Avenue? You'll need to call in or order online for a delivery (especially if you've been out partying). Having a steamy, cheesy, delicious calzone show up on your doorstep isn't too bad of an ordeal. But grabbing a fresh, hot calzone on the walk you already needed to take home? That just speeds up the time between you and a belly full of carby-goodness (which in drunk-minutes, is very valuable time, might I add).

2. Fundraisers 

I'm sure you've seen just about every student organization boast about their fundraiser at Chipotle. But an order of chips and guacamole is not the only way that you can raise money for your favorite student organization. D.P. Dough is known to partner with student clubs on campus to raise money. The beloved pizza-pocket company uses a 10% donation rate ($1 to every $10 dollars spent) that doubles once the funds have reaches $100 dollars. With a second location available within walking distance of campus, there is even greater potential of raising more dough for your group (yes, the pun was intended, sorry!)

3. Vegetarian Options

Picking where to get that late-study-night dinner with friends is never easy. One friend had Big Mama's last night, another doesn't want Chinese because they've eaten ramen for the past week and you do not want to be the friend denying places because of your vegetarian diet. D.P. Dough kind of has it all. Calzones with hot chicken, cheeseburger or spinach filling can satisfy any craving (who doesn't like pizza?). An additional menu of delicious bread sticks, loaded tater tots and even dessert cover *almost* any diet. 

4. Lunchtime Options

According to The Post, the Court Street location is looking to cater to the schedules of students--it will be open for lunch time during the week. The Richland Avenue location is known for staying up "crazy late", but this second location can tame your calzone craving almost anytime of the day. In being only a short walk from campus, you could even grab this pizza-pocket goodness in between classes. 

5. It's Delicious 

Honestly, have you seen the menu? Tater tots are considered a "vegetable". I think I can stop there.