If you happen to be in or near the area of Elon, North Carolina and want a satistifying scoop (or a few) of ice cream, Smitty's is the way to go. If you don't go to Elon University, you've probably never heard of it since it is not a huge chain. That being said, Smitty's may not be zillion different flavors like others tend to have, but don't let that fool you. 

1. Its location

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Sydney Spaulding

Smitty's isn't a chain. They're located at a little stand in the entrance of Pandora's Pies, a popular off-campus restarunt that many Elon students visit. I mean what's better than an ice-cream dessert after a good meal. 

2. No Car? No Problem 

Sydney Spaulding

College students who want a quick ice-cream break, but don't have the time or a car will really appreciate the fact that Smitty's is located right off campus within walking distance. Its location couldn't be more convient when you lack time and a car. 

3. It's Homemade

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Sydney Spaulding

Since Smittys ice-cream is not a chain, it's homemade by the employees at their other location in Graham, North Carolina. They get to personally pick what flavors they want to be offered—13 standard ones and another three that change seasonally.

4. Seasonal Flavors

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Sydney Spaulding

The seasonal flavors are always unique. You will usually find the seasonal flavors on the sign right outside. If you are lucky enough to get the chance, you must try their current selection of Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Sage, and Strawberry Sorbet. 

5. Their Oatmeal Flavor

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Sydney Spaulding

Okay, I know this sounds pretty weird. I thought the same exact thing until the day I decided not be stubborn and and actually give it a chance. This delicious brown sugar-filled treat has replaced my renown go-to of chocolate chip cookie dough. If you know me, that's a pretty big deal. Their oatmeal flavor is an Elon Univeristy classic and sets this local joint apart from the rest.