Bluestem Bistro has been my go to study location since my first semester here at K-State. It’s located just past Buffalo Wild Wings and Cold Stone on Moro Street.

While it might not be your first stop for a weeknight filled with drinking and partying, it should be your prime spot for sitting back and knocking out a much needed cram session before your next big test. Here’s five reason’s why I can’t stay away from Manhattan’s chillest coffee joint.

1. $1 Pastries after 8 PM

Bluestem Bistro

Photo by Jessica Sion

Life is all about the little things and at Bluestem you get a giant bang for your little buck. You really can’t go wrong with anything at that price, but throw a scone in the microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy it with a coffee and all of the sudden that chemistry quiz becomes a little less daunting.

2. The Snickers Latte

Bluestem Bistro

Photo by Calvin Freeman

I’m a dude and I have no shame in admitting that something called a “Snickers Latte” has the power to make my day. Espresso, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and steamed milk; put them all together and it equals happiness.

3. Caffeine Supplies and Good Vibes

Bluestem Bistro

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The key to any successful coffee shop is the atmosphere and Bluestem has this category mastered. Bring a couple acquaintances and you’ll feel like your in a real life episode of Friends.

4. The Mac and Cheese

Bluestem Bistro

Photo by Tiare Brown

We’re not talking about your average bowl of Kraft, straight-out-the-box, macaroni here. Whoever’s cooking this stuff up deserves a promotion or a raise or something. This dish has achieved the perfect balance between the right amount of cheese and enough tinkering/spicing to give it some real flavor.

5. Smoothies

Bluestem Bistro

Photo by Yontan Soler

I’ve been the “make your own smoothie at home” guy for a couple months now, I’ve got my own little Magic Bullet and everything, but I’ll spend the money at Bluestem when I’m looking for something healthy and non-caffeinated. They’re fresh and they’ve got enough choices to where it’s worth mentioning.

These are my favorite parts of Bluestem, but trust me I left plenty unsaid. If you need a change of pace or a new place to take someone for a quick bite, Bluestem Bistro is that place.