1. It’s Part of Your Favorite Restaurant Group

Well, One Off Hospitality Group, the best Chicago restaurant group, has done it again. Dove’s Luncheonette is the most recent opening from the owners of Avec, The Publican, Blackbird, Big Star and other crowd pleasers. As an additional perk, a meal at Dove’s will not break the bank with well-portioned main courses starting at $12.

2. It Has Your Tex-Mex Staples…

Much like its restaurant peers, Dove’s Luncheonette serves up flavorful dishes and creative specials based on the best seasonal ingredients. Inspired by Tex-Mex staples, the menu at Dove’s Luncheonette consists of exciting renditions of fried chicken, grits, hash, enchiladas and tacos.


Photo by Chloe List

Pictured above are the Grits ($4): creamy white grits garnished with queso fresco and hot sauce. Under that is the Chicken Fried Chicken ($15): buttermilk fried chicken smothered in chorizo verde gravy with sweet peas and pearl onions. Dove’s Luncheonette packs these Southern classics with budding flavors and taste.

Photo by Derek Richmond

With guajillo-ancho chile sauce, two types of queso and pickled serrano chiles, these Red Chile Enchiladas ($13) are far from average.

3. …With a Twist

Photo by Chloe List

Served with a plate of add-ins, this is the Pozole Rojo ($12), which consists of braised pork shoulder in guajillo chile broth with hominy, avocado, lime, cabbage, cilantro, radish and crispy tortillas. With a bowl this big and full of flavors, you are bound to leave happy.

Photo by Derek Richmond

This Smoked Brisket Taco Norteno ($13) is yet another example of the restaurant’s boldness. Piled on top of a large flour tortilla is tender smoked brisket, avocado-buttermilk puree, watermelon radish, red onion and habanero-lime vinaigrette. Tacos at Chipotle won’t even come close to matching this eclectic combination of flavors.

4. The Ambience

The 41-stool luncheonette provides an antique Chicago diner feel, perfect for an exotic but casual meal out. Each dish is served on a hand-painted plate, which adds another cultural dimension to your dining experience.


5. Wicker Park

Situated in the hustle and bustle of Wicker Park, Dove’s Luncheonette is worth the Uber ride out of Hyde Park and to the North Side. After a meal at Dove’s and one (or two) drinks from the tequila-based drink menu, you will be ready to venture out into the energetic Wicker Park scene. Even in sub-zero degree weather, the neighborhood is overflowing with foodies, bar-hoppers and party-goers, and I promise that a night out here will beat your weekly Saturday night, 2:00 am run to Clarke’s.