If there is one fact that everyone can agree on, it's that pasta is incredible. Not just any pasta, but dishes ranging from fettuccine to spirals to pennes that are truly heavenly. Located Armory Square in Syracuse, the restaurant sparkles with a variety of decorative lights and constantly smells of baked bread and fresh pasta from their very own bakery. Need a hearty pasta dish or a funky appetizer to brighten up your week? Here is a list of my top five dishes at Pastabilities.              

1. Spicy Hot Tomato Oil

Their signature Spicy Hot Tomato Oil consists of a mixture of tomatoes, garlic and chili spices accompanied by a large basket of homemade stretch bread. While the oil can be your starter, you can also purchase it in a variety of packages on their , pricing around 15-16 dollars. With the perfect mix of spicy and savory, this is a must for your Pastabilities experience.  


2. Fried Mexican Street Corn

Fried and covered in cheese? Yes please! Their Mexican Street Corn if the perfect appetizer to sneak in some veggies while still experiencing a ton of flavors in each bite. The corn is coated in cheese, spices, cilantro and lime garlic aioli; if that doesn't have your stomach grumbling I don't know what will. 

3. Cheesy Garlic Stretch Bread

Need I say more? This homemade bread coated with mozzarella and paired with tomato sauce is the perfect combo to enhance your meal. Made fresh in their bakery across the street, Pastabilities bread is both crisp, stretchy, and soft all at the same time. Add some cheese and garlic to their fresh bread, and we are hooked. 

4. Duck Bacon Pizza

This funky pizza concoction includes smoked duck bacon, a variety of cheeses, and a pomegranate drizzle that will have you drooling for more. As one of their most creative specialty pizzas, this is a dish you have to try, and you will have guaranteed greasy satisfaction.            

5. Finally, the pastas.

The dishes served at Pastabilities can include sauces like vodka sauce, vegan basil walnut pesto, bolognese, spicy-spicy tomato cream, tomato sauce, and alfredo paired with any pasta, shape or size, your mind can imagine. You can also add meats and seafoods to your dish allowing creativity and individuality in every plate.