You’re out with your friends when you decide to grab a quick bite. Your stomach growls as your glance over the menu. You flip the pages, frantically looking for the telltale V or leafy green symbol next to the menu items. When the waiter comes to take your order, your heart sinks when he tells you, “Our only vegetarian option is the salad.”

Never let this happen to you again when you introduce your carnivorous pals to these vegetarian (and vegan) friendly burger joints. A taste of these burgers will convince even the most avid meat-eaters and satisfy their vulture-like cravings.

1. BareBurger


Photo by Karen Tran

Even your meat-eating friends can eat guilt-free because all the meats at Bare Burger are humanely raised in free-range pastures. They are also antibiotic, gluten, and hormone-free. Choose from the true gourmet burgers or create your own with an incredible selection of 3 different veggie patties and other veggie toppings.

2. The Burgernator


Photo Courtesy of @tburgernator on Instagram

This isn’t your typical army gruel. Try the AK-Veggie 7 or Battle Fields burger at this military-themed gourmet burger restaurant located in Kensington Market.

3. Main Street Burger Shoppe


Photo Courtesy of @trevor.robert on Instagram

Hidden from plain view is this cozy little shoppe, located a little north of the city. Watch your custom-built burger sizzle right before your eyes and pick whichever toppings you like.

4. The Works


Photo courtesy of @works_burger on Instagram

With multiple locations all over Ontario, you can try a taste of The Works in your nearest town. Find your ultimate burger and choose the gourmet veggie or portobello mushroom cap patty.

5. Burger’s Priest


Photo Courtesy of @risque_clothing on Instagram

This self-proclaimed “Classic Cheeseburger Joint” boasts a vegetarian option, adeptly named “The Option”. The cheesy goodness can be simply enjoyed or as part of their not-so-secret menu.