There will always be times when our stomachs are growling with hunger and we have to wait for class or worse yet, a whole extra hour for society meetings!  Trust me, I have been there and done that. Well luckily, online delivery services have made things far easier for us, which means we can order whatever we want, whenever we want. So, be it the Joey’s special or your favourite Cheese-Burst pizza (because pizzas are remedies to almost everything), order it right away. Fortunately for you, we've culled up a list of the best places to grab pizzas in North Campus!

1. Spezia Bistro

Writing about eateries where you can order pizza from in North Campus and not mentioning Spezia Bistro would be a crime. This is a well-known place in GTB Nagar and is an Instagram-worthy cafe when it comes to food. Their pan-pizzas are to die for and add a tall glass of strong cold coffee and you've got yourself a spectacular meal!

2. Big Yellow Door

You have got to be living under a rock, if you're in North Campus and haven’t been to Big Yellow Door. This is THE place for students in DU North Campus. While you order, don’t miss out on their signature Butter Chicken Pizza and Meat Dominatrix. They are scrumptious, yummy and all the things that we love and cherish in the world.

3. Ricos

One of the go to places for every Delhi University student, Ricos is a beautiful place to eat at. The food is lovely and deserves to be on your Instagram feed. Distinguished with its yellow interiors, and a graffiti of a lady wearing a cap, not only you should order for mid-classes hunger pangs but also visit this beauty of a place. The best pizzas they do are Five Cheese Pizza and Hawaiian Classic Pizza.

4. Echoes, Hudson Lane

Karan Kapoor

One of the iconic places at Hudson Lane is Echoes. With a beautiful vibe and a great playlist, this café is perfect for students. Coming to food, they serve some of the best delicacies in North Delhi. You can always order some really good pizzas but apart from those spectacular beings, you can order other food items and they will also be top notch!  

5. Cafeteria & Co

A very chic place, with mannequins hanging from the roofs, Cafeteria & Co. serves the best food at insanely affordable prices. Also, they don’t do just pizzas. They do hexizzas, which are awesome. Order any of their hexizzas with their three way chicken fries and you are sorted for the rest of the day. 

Now that you all are aware of the places to order pizzas from, go ahead and try all these awesome joints for yourself!