Whether it is after a wild night out or just a chill night in your dorm room, food is always a necessity. We all love the deep fried food from mac and cheese bites to sweet potato fries, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. It is just as fun to also explore our surroundings by going out or just ordering take-out and lounging in comfy clothes!


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Olivia D'Aiutolo

From its endless snacks, soda, prepared food, and Freal Milkshakes, Wawa is the place to hit up at midnight.  Be prepared to get whatever you want, whenever your want.  But here is the real question: which Freal Milkshake should you try first?

Tavern on Liberty

The most popular spot near campus to satisfy your pizza craving.  The Tavern's pizza is all anyone ever talks about.  Not only do students love their pizza, but also their french fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings.  


The 24 hour diner and hottest spot in Allentown to slurp on milkshakes, munch on pancakes, and crunch on french fries.  Whatever you want, they will most definitely have it!


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In the mood to just stay in your room and order?  Well Domino's is your answer for doing that!  Brownie cookies and cheesy bread are calling for you.  Always hot, fresh, and ready to be delivered to your dorm.

Chris’s Family Restaurant 

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Don't know what Chris's is?  It is just another outstanding 24 hour restaurant only within a few minutes of campus.  The waffle fries, homemade desserts, and delicious french toast will leave you with a very happy, full stomach.


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A trip that does not require you to have to jump out of your car! Just pull up to the driveway, order what your heart desires, and it will be ready within seconds.  Chicken nuggets, Big Mac's, and french fries are to die for.  Here is more on how to make a Big Mac at home.