We find ourselves in the food vs. money dilemma more often than we’d like to. We’re hungry, but so are our wallets. We want food, and lots of it, but don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Next time the hunger strikes (which it inevitably will), try out these spots to satisfy your poor self’s high food standards.

1. Bagel Emporium

Bagel Emporium is the ultimate hangover spot, and it’s just across the street from campus. Despite its name, there is a lot more to this menu than bagels.

They’ve got everything; Omelets, breakfast sandwiches, steak & eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, biscuits and gravy, and a lot more.

The best part (besides the food baby that follows) is the price. Majority of the breakfast menu items come in just under $10, with the “Hungry Person” special, which includes Two Eggs any style with (2) Sausage Links, Bacon or Ham AND Free coffee, setting you back a mere $8.49. Your still partially-drunk self will thank you for the sudden impulse of fiscal responsibility that you most likely forgot to uphold when you were buying rounds for the ladies the night before.

2. DRUGS (not that kind) S&S Diner

DRUGS has become all the rave among UM students over the past year. Located on 57th Avenue just down the street from campus, they have become known for their GARGANTUAN portion sizes at seemingly impossible prices. Yes, you can get your standard eggs, hash browns and bacon, but it’s hard to justify ordering something so underwhelming when GIANT Nutella pancakes are an option- an inexpensive one at that.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try out the “Hardcore” breakfast; Two hash browns, two 1/4 burgers, two Canadian bacon and two eggs drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and grits. When you live in a place where you can find all of that for just under $10, you know you chose the right school.

3. Temple

Located just a short drive (or long sweaty walk) from campus in Sunset Place, Temple is a relatively new health food restaurant that has the local yoga/Instagram enthusiasts going crazy. How can they resist when the Soba Noodles just photograph so damn well? Brightness, saturation, and contrast up. Sharpen a bit, maybe throw in some more shadows and voila, time to dig in.

Though health-food can be expensive, there are a few hidden gems on the menu that will be more agreeable with your ever-dwindling eating-out budget. The Falafel, Pesto Tofu, and Chili wraps will keep you full for just over 10 bucks.

4. My Ceviche

Out of principle I simply cannot categorize MyCeviche with Chipotle, because it is not, and never will be, Chipotle. Once we’ve accepted the fact that Chipotle is incomparable to anything that has ever or will ever exist, we can then begin to open our hearts to its closest (and healthiest) competition.



My Ceviche is a “build-your-own” fast seafood style restaurant. Once you choose burrito, bowl, or tacos, the base options will include coconut-jasmine rice, mixed lettuces, or cilantro-quinoa. From there you will chose your protein (white fish, octopus, shrimp, or a combination of all three), and lastly your toppings such as sweet potato, avocado, or salsas, etc. Three tacos with dipping sauces, or one fishy and fully-stuffed burrito will cost you $9.95. Not to mention, the food is vibrant, fresh and beautiful, definitely 100 likes minimum on a pic of your ceviche creation.

5. Mashed Potatoes



This place is easy to miss, unless you’re frequenting Gulf Liquors next door, which you very well might be… no judgement.

Mash Potatoes is still somewhat unknown within the UM foodie community, but unrightfully so. Gourmet burgers and sandwiches at Mashed Potatos fall in between the $10 and $11 mark, with a variety of unique choices such as Bacon, Beef and french brie, Lebanese Lamb, hummus and tabouli, or Cajun Grilled Atlantic Salmon.

Their Mac and Cheese menu is seriously respectable, with masterpieces such as Truffle and Pancetta with a Parmesan crumb crust for only $7.50. Next time you’re making a liquor run, be sure to pop in next store for something far tastier than Raspberry Smirnoff.