After exploring the paan heaven of Delhi, you’ll probably have to tweak the famous Amitabh Bachchan song into: “Khayeki paan Dilli wala, khulijaye band akal ka tala!”

From the “chuski ka mazza paan mein” to the “ishq-e-khas, rosy paan for rosy couples” and the paans which won’t stain your teeth to stains which won’t leave. The prince to the gareeb paan wala, the panwadis of Delhi have a lot to offer you.

Here, we bring to you the list of some of the must try paan shops of Delhi:

1. Yamu’s Panchayat, Connaught Place


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One of the most popular Paan shops in Delhi, Yamu’s serves more than 41 varieties of paans ranging from a Rs 300 to a Rs 30 one! Claiming to be the first paan parlour of India, it also offers you a great ambience. It has orange, mogra, jasmine, chocolate, meetha, saadha paans and what not.

If you are going to this place with your beloved one, DON’T FORGET to have the ‘Ishq-e-Khas’ paan to strengthen your love (paan-intended!)

2. Pandey’s Paan, North Avenue, New MP’s Market


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Chiggy-wiggy Paan, Blaster 200 and Madhuri special paan (named after Madhuri Dixit) and many more crazy varieties of Paans, you need to try. They say they’ve served the biggest political figures of the world, From Barrack Obama to Clinton, Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi, they proudly tell us to be the official paan suppliers to the President’s house. So, you can definitely experience the VIP paans here.

3. Prince Paan, Greater Kailash 1, M-block Market


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Chips of caramel stuffed in a paan or the classic flavors like butterscotch, this is the right place if you are looking forward for a royal experience of paan eating. Paan is no more a common man’s affair, you have the ‘Honeymoon Paan’, which is covered in a gold wrapper and filled with nuts and dry fruits, guess how much would this be for?

The shop manages to serve budget friendly paans too, their Paan chat, which is a mixture of all the paan flavours in one plate, is very popular and comes for Rs 40.

4. Odean Paan Palace, Connaught Place


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Outside Odean cinema, you will find this place which gets more active in the evenings. Their most famous paan is the ‘Chuski Paan’. With crushed ice stuffed inside a betel nut leaf, the paan is stuffed inside your mouth! Yes! You read it right. They do serve other varieties but this is their most popular paan.

5. Garib Paan Bhandaar, Janpath

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When you are tired of bargaining at the Janpath market, what comes to your rescue is this paan stall, refreshing and very delicious. Unlike their name, they do serve the chocolate paan too. SO, why not try it out?