We’re just kicking off summer and UW students are already missing our favorite Madison munchies. But with the restaurant scene changing so fast on campus, I’ve managed to keep my mind off of Mickie’s by making a list of the soon-opening spots that I’m sure will earn a place in our hearts, right next to UW’s classic cuisine.

1. Glaze


Photo courtesy of @glazeteriyaki on Instagram

The suspense is killing us! For a year, we’ve been waiting to try the Seattle-style teriyaki that posters plastering the Hub have been telling us about. Now, it seems like we might just get the chance.

With “Help Wanted” now written on the windows, it appears that our first taste of Korean-Japanese flavor is just over the horizon. Until then, we’ll be busy trying to decide whether we want a tofu or pork plate with those gyoza dumplings.

2. Lotsa


Photo courtesy of @kagallaher on Instagram

Mia Za’s will meet it’s match this Fall. Lotsa’s “Build-Your-Pizza” Bar promises made-to-order personal pizzas in five minutes.

Located in what was once Forever Yogurt, this pizza paradise has everything imaginable on its menu: from Breakfast Pizza with gluten-free crust to custom creations with brown sugar bacon and roasted rosemary potatoes. We’re not going to be able to stop at just one slice.

3. CoffeeBytes


Photo courtesy of @tameiameia on Instagram

The future has arrived. Not only has CoffeeBytes chosen to open a second location closer to off-campus housing at Regent Apartments, it’s announced that it will serve ICE CREAM in addition to its old tried and true favorites. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy it before classes start, as the grand opening has been scheduled for late July or early August. No better way to start your day then with a cup of coffee, no better way to end it than with a cone.

4. Dough Baby


Photo courtesy of @doughbabybakery on Instagram

The gods of baked goodies have blessed us. While Madison Sweets has sadly vacated State Street, the sweet void it leaves will be filled by doughnuts, brownies, and pop tarts. There’s no question as to if these sugary treats will be successful. Not only will they be made with organic and local ingredients, they’ll be coming from the kitchen of Kristine Miller, former pastry chef at Graze and L’Etoile and wife of both restaurants’ culinary mastermind, Tory Miller.

Can’t wait till semester starts? Take a road trip down to Mad Town for Dough Baby’s grand opening on June 21.

5. Memorial Union


Photo by @racheldickens on Instagram

There’s no way this one wasn’t making the list. Yes, we’ve got our beloved Terrace back, but our curiosity over the reimagined inside of the Union can’t be contained.

While we’ve seen digital mock-ups of new dining options, like an Italian bistro and a fresh food convenience shop, there’s still so many delicious details that we’ll surely be surprised with this coming semester.