Hear the name salad and instantly the picture of leafy greens and crisp veggies and everything low calorie and low fat pops up. Often salads are categorized under diet food and hence quite unsatisfactory for one’s appetite. Salads are not always about keeping it low on fibre or protein but about satiating the hunger and keeping it tasty too.

Salads have become quite a preferred food item among the general populace and not just those watching their waistline. People prefer to eat nutritious salads when out rather than indulge in junk food. Salad bars and salads in restaurants are being given more preference and being the most ordered choice of customers.

We have narrowed down a couple of restaurants/salad bars to help you next time you plan to dine out in the NCR. These restaurants serve a plethora of salads that will keep you coming back for more.

1. Salad Days


Photo courtesy of Salad Days

This has served as a paradise for all the salad lovers mainly because of their unique style of prep work. Their salads are comprised of greens sourced from as far as Ooty, Bangalore and Shivalik range, while dressings carry the flavors originating in Italy, Netherlands, Greece and Thailand. With its decently generous helping and rich flavours–it has a lot to offer. They definitely do not compromise on taste and believe me, you won’t go home disappointed.

While here, one cannot possibly miss their fruit salads with its vibrant and exotic collection of fruits that will make you want to jump right in. One should definitely go for their Gourmet Fruit Lettuce Bowl and Seafood Salad.

Think healthy food, think Salad Days.

Special Attraction: Fresh cold pressed juices that will leave you in awe of this place.

2. Salad Chef


Photo by Paavani Jain

This is a very old salad joint operating since 1993 with its branches all over India and abroad. Yet it has stayed on top of its game with its plethora of options besides salads. As the name goes–this place dominantly serves salads accompanied with soup and bread (pita/khaboos/panini). The outlet is clean and fresh just like their salads.
Due to space crunch most people prefer takeaways. Their Herbed Grilled Chicken Salad is a must try.

Interestingly, their menu mentions the amount of calorie intake against each of their salads to let you know how much you are consuming.

Special Attraction: Their live counter that gives you the option of making your own salad.

 3. Fresc Co


Photo by Paavani Jain

The elegant decor of this restaurant with the lime green and white interiors and the elaborate buffet will leave you plentiful. There is always the alternate choice of à la carte. The list of food items available is highly extensive putting one in total dilemma as to what to choose from.

If you are one to treat yourself to a lavish Sunday brunch then Fresc Co is the place to be at.


Photo by Paavani Jain

Their highlight is the exemplary quality of salads that they provide. As the name suggests, Fresc Co means ‘fresh’ in Italian. And so are their salad preparations that please the palate of both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Special Attraction: Gorgeous Greek salad and Roman Artichoke salad can only be found here.

4. Italiano


Photo by Paavani Jain

True to its tag line, “Great food, Great people, Great service,” Italiano’s convivial ambiance along with an assorted menu gives you a whole new perception of Italian food. Their portion sizes are highly filling.

This diner provides you especially with Italian salads referred to as ‘Insalata’ amongst its other delicacies.
If Italian food is your calling then this is the place to be.

Special Attraction: Their Prawn and Ginger salad cooked in white wine is a divine experience in itself. Also their drinks like Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Martini are perfect to cool you off during this season.

5. Subway


Photo courtesy of Subway.co.in

Subway is predominantly known for its fresh subwich that have revolutionised the ordinary sandwich in terms of toning down on the calories. If you are a regular then you must be all too familiar with the smell of freshly baked bread and crispy veggies that they have to offer.

But its salads are worth the mention in itself. You can pick each and every ingredient, pairing them along with sauces. This is one eatery your doctor would happily recommend.

Special Attraction: ‘Make your sub a salad’ is the brain child of subway. All your choice of meats and veggies can be incorporated to make a salad with suitable choice of dressing.