A couple weeks back, I went to the city with two of my friends, and one of them said to go to 5 Napkin Burger in NYC. She said, "This is the BEST burger I've ever had." So obviously, I had high expectations, because I've had some GREAT burgers. 

And the truth is, in the past, my burger experiences at sit-down places have usually led to some disappointment. The patty is just too thick and a little too dry compared to the thin, salty, crispy patties at a place like Shake Shack (which is my favorite). I was a little bit skeptical about trying this burger, but I figured it had to be pretty darn good. 

And it was. It was absolutely the BEST burger I ever had. The patty was thick, but it was definitely NOT dry like the ones I've had before. It had juices flowing out, and was seasoned to perfection. 

Carissa Liu

As you can see, this is not a neat burger. This is the 5 Napkin Burger, which has a 10 oz. all natural beef patty, imported Gruyere, caramelized onions, and that thick, amazing rosemary - garlic aioli. That sauce is one for the books. 

Order that with a side of their thin, salty, and crispy fries (pictured above), and you've got yourself one amazing meal. 

5 Napkin Burger has an extensive menu along with their burgers, with items like salads, chicken & waffles, and even poke! Our table got the onion ring tower, which is pictured just underneath. It came out piping hot, but was served with delectable dipping sauces, like their 5 Napkin sauce and blue cheese dipping sauce. 

Carissa Liu

It was 100% worth the tongue burn. 

Even more than the amazing food, the Union Square location had adorable decor too!

Carissa Liu

They have 4 locations all over Manhattan, in Union Square, Hell's Kitchen, Upper West Side, and Upper East Side. So if you find yourself in Manhattan, be sure to put 5 Napkin Burger as your first stop. Want more burger recommendations? Check out The 15 Best Burgers in America.