Plastic wicker baskets aren't high class. But, the food in them is creative and delicious. When the line at the Starbucks is too long and the line at Tim Hortons has impatient travellers, people need another option. Enter food trucks. These mobile eateries have become popular in London.  

The food truck culture has been taking popular media by storm. This is evident by all the shows on The Food Network and other channels dedicated to the culture and allure of food trucks.

London city council approved the food truck pilot project last year, as reported by AM980. This project was based on a city council vote to allow more food trucks on the streets. However, this project came with many restrictions. 

The city of London originally prohibited food trucks from Richmond Street, as well as within 50 metres of restaurants and residences. In addition, the city capped the total number allowed to operate within the city at eight. 

The city has recently lifted its restrictions on food trucks, which provides London with an array of interesting and tasty food truck options. Dee Spencer, owner of The Donut Diva, says this has helped her business. 

"I have found the city of London has been very accommodating to Food Trucks and as we grow and develop as a new scene, I am confident the city will aid us in finding new and better ways to bring our wares to the people of London."

Now, food trucks of all varieties are serving the public. To find out where these rolling restaurants are, follow them on social media or check out their websites to see where they're parked. 

Goodah Gastrotruck

A photo posted by @chocohyoi on

Goodah Gastro Truck specializes in gourmet grilled cheese. My personal favourite is the Staff Pick: spicy Havarti, basil pesto, red onion, cheddar and jack cheese.

Shmokey BBQ

Shmokey BBQ features—if you can guess—delicious BBQ. From pulled pork to smoked chicken wings, these guys have you covered. 

The Donut Diva

Dee's tiny donuts have a big taste. You can't go wrong with these. Check out her Facebook page to see where she is.


This is London's newest and first organic Mexican food truck. Feel great trying fresh, organic food in a delicious food truck environment. 

The Daily Grind 

The Daily Grind serves a variety of food and drinks including tacos, burritos, fajitas, chimichangas, taco bowls and the classic hamburger and hot dogs. Check out their Facebook page to see what they're up to.

What's the Allure of Food Trucks?

Spencer started in the food truck business five years ago. Although she's always been in the service industry, the entrepreneurial road was calling. 

"I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have looked into several ventures but this one seemed the best fit for me," she says. 

Working anywhere from six to 10 hours a day can sometimes be a long and tiring process—but the food truck business is an edeavour Spencer enjoys. 

"I enjoy the challenges of working for myself and in meeting new people. I have amazing customers who have become more like friends," she notes. 

Lines of people come to Donut Diva to try this delicious treat. Spencer explains one instance where she had a line up of 50 people for four hours.

But why? What's the attraction? "We have become more of a gourmet treat and people like the ingenuity of what can be produced in such a small space and that we are truly passionate about what we do and it shows," she says.

So, get out of your comfort zone. Veer away from Tim Horton bagels and try something local, new and inspiring. If you've tried any of these food trucks that are roaming around London or have tried others that aren't mentioned, let us know!