Toronto is known as Canada’s New York City. With a sprawling subway system and a diverse population, Toronto has thousands of great restaurants and hubs throughout the city. I was lucky enough to try out a number of places during a 10-day trip to this amazing city. Here are the top five Toronto restaurants you must check out.

1. Japanhako

This was a hot pregame spot for my friend and I. Being in the heart of Koreatown, this restaurant offers very affordable sake, and they offered many small dishes. My favorite was the squid dish, which came with about 15 slices. It was definitely a very unique, yet delicious taste. The best part about this place is that it stays open until 3 am daily, so if you get hungry in the middle of the night, you know where to go! 

2. Celebrity Hot Pot

This is a popular hot pot restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. For about 20 Canadian dollars, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat lunch special. They offer various vegetables and broth types, as well as meats and noodles. Some of my favorite additions to my spicy soup were wontons and fish balls.

In addition, something unique about this hot pot restaurant is that you can customize your own sauces in a little station by the cashier. Definitely, check out this place if you’re feeling like trying something a little more unconventional. 

3. Fushimi 

When my friend and I entered this popular restaurant, we knew we would leave totally stuffed. For a lunch price of 20 Canadian, you choose from a variety of Japanese dishes in an all you can eat style. This restaurant is unique because you can order more than just sushi! Ramen, rice plates, and meat dishes are some of the many options displayed on the ordering tablet.

Smaller dishes range from edamame to mango pudding ice cream. My friend and I totally overestimated our eating abilities and we struggled to finish our plates. However, it was worth every penny and the fish was extremely fresh.

4. La Cubana

This is the perfect brunch spot on Roncesvalles Avenue. With delicious fruit mimosas and a trendy, vintage feel, this is the perfect brunch place to visit with your gal pals. While their dishes are more moderately priced, they're totally worth it.

My friend ordered a fish burger with avocado and pineapples. It was delicious and one of the cheapest things on the menu. I decided to splurge and tried a pulled pork dish. It came with purple cabbage, plantains, and rice. This is definitely a must try for anyone who enjoys Latin cuisine. 

5. Pho Hung

If you’re looking for a tasty, budget-friendly meal, this is definitely the place to go. For a decently sized bowl of pho, you can’t go wrong for the affordable price of 7 to 9 Canadian dollars. Not only is the broth cooked with spices and herbs, but the noodles are perfectly cooked. No matter the weather, it’s a pleasant lunch/dinner meal for all. Remember to bring cash though, this restaurant doesn’t accept card payments.

Now that you’ve read about some interesting food venues, why don’t you book a trip to Toronto ASAP?