Beer, Monopoly, chocolate chip cookies— there are tons of inventions that we have to thank women for, especially in the food and restaurant industry. If it weren't for women we wouldn't have the original ice cream maker design that is still used to this day

There's no doubt about the fact that women are natural born leaders, which explains why some of the best restaurants in Canada's capital are owned by women. These 5 female-owned restaurants in Ottawa are something your taste buds can't afford to miss.

Pure Kitchen

Julia Solimine

This is my go-to spot for any occasion. It's a great restaurant complete with an entire cocktail, juice, elixirs and smoothie menu. Every single dish is vegetarian, and every dish including dairy products offers a vegan-friendly option.

The Westboro location is owned by Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish, two childhood friends who also own Pure Yoga Ottawa. They wanted their restaurant to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle full of delicious food that fuels you to go further. Let me tell you, they nailed it. 

Stella Luna

This cafe is famous around town for their award-winning gelato made from scratch every day. They also have waffles, panini's, soups, and specialty coffee on their menu. Stella Luna is owned by Tammy Giuliani, an Ottawa-born gelato superstar.

Her expertise come from her dedication and passion for gelato making, as well as from her time spent studying at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy. If gelato making was an art, Tammy Giuliani would be Picasso. 

The Fuel Bar

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Christin Urso

This is a great spot that won't break your bank or your diet. Their menu ranges from smoothies and juices to power bowls and wraps. Nancy Johnstone has combined her business-savvy skills with her Holistic Nutrition knowledge to create The Fuel Bar with her business partner, Doug Assaly.

The two made a commitment to using only local, organic ingredients back in 2015 when it first opened up. The Fuel Bar serves up delicious plates that makes healthy eating seem less like a chore and more like a lifestyle.


This cozy restaurant first opened its doors in 2014 when chef West De Castro, who was a sous chef at a vegan restaurant at the time, decided it was time to open up her own spot. Plates at Clover are creative and polished, and all of the wine and craft beer they're serving up are exclusively products of Ontario. 

West De Castro ensures her team is only using locally sourced, quality products for their creations. There's no doubt that Clover is a great place to enjoy a relaxed,  carefully crafted meal in downtown Ottawa. 

Moo Shu Ice Cream

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Julia Solimine

Moo Shu is known for their small batch ice cream served up in a variety of unique flavours. The inspiration comes from the the owner, Liz Mok's childhood, growing up between Hong Kong and Vancouver. All of their ice cream is made with pure Ontario dairy.

While Moo Shu does have their permanent flavours, they also have a rotating menu where new flavours are featured every week. Plus, you can't forget their vegan, gluten-free waffle cones that are made in-house daily. As summer quickly approaches, I highly recommend checking out this Ottawa ice cream shop that's truly like no other. 

Women are strong, determined and capable of achieving anything they set their mind to. They're the brain behind some of the most important inventions, and they slay the food industry, despite being undermined by the males in the industry. It's time we recognize and appreciate the hard work of women worldwide, both within the food industry and beyond.