Located right on Broadway Street, Hillel’s Rimon provides Tulane students with some of the best kosher, farm-to-table food around. Rimon has classics, such as falafel, and Israeli salad, while putting their own spin on these classics by incorporating them in other meals. Whether you are Jewish or not, Rimon is a must-try for everyone. Here are five must-try meals at Hillel’s Rimon.

Bailey Germain

1. The Rebecca   

When asked what the most popular menu item to order would be, I would have to say the Rebecca. The Rebecca is a dish that combines soft rigatoni pasta with crunchy roasted Brussels sprouts. The lemon, garlic, and olive oil provide a light, fresh glaze to the pasta. You can also add one of Rimon’s perfectly cooked proteins, such as grilled chicken or salmon, to the dish. The Rebecca is the perfect balance between carbs, protein, and vegetables, providing everything you would need in a perfectly filling meal. 

2. The Falafel Pita Sandwich

Like seemingly every other student, I am a big fan of the falafel pita sandwich, which incorporates some of my favorite foods into one mouthwatering meal. The crispy falafel comes inside soft and fresh out of the oven pita. The pita is filled to the top with Rimon’s homemade Israel salad, incorporating cucumber,  tomato, red onion, and cilantro dressed in lemon juice, which adds a tangy, sharp element to the sandwich to cut through the pita. The Israel salad is my favorite thing to get at Rimon and if a dish includes it, I have to order it. Incorporating some of the best Mediterranean classics into one meal, the falafel pita sandwich is a must-try at Rimon.  

Bailey Germain

3. The Superfood Bowl 

Almost every time I go to Hillel, I must order the Superfood Bowl. The Superfood Bowl is a bed of quinoa topped with black beans, creamy avocado, greens, roasted sweet potatoes, crunchy sprouts, and pumpkin seeds. The bowl also comes with a choice of one of three sauces, which gives the dish a little kick and ties it all together. The layers of different elements make this meal exciting to eat. There is always a new pop of flavor with every bite, making the Superfood Bowl a popular favorite at Rimon. 

4. Matzo Ball Soup

Usually, we think of having soup on a cold day or when we are sick, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is never a meal at Rimon if you do not order the matzo ball soup. The broth features unique flavors coming from the carrots and crunchy onions. The soft, homemade matzo ball soaks up all of the soup. The soup also includes many spices to elevate this comfort meal. As the restaurant says, this Jewish penicillin brings Tulane students to their family seder.

5. Chocolate Babka 

Rimon has so many options for lunch or dinner, but there is always something to try for dessert. Many people do not know the restaurant has dessert, making these options less popular, but they are just as mouthwatering. A must-try is the chocolate babka. The flakey crust breaks apart so easily, while the fluffy inside melts in your mouth. The chocolate cuts through the heavy dough and ties the whole thing together. This sweet, perfectly baked dessert is the best side dish to one of your Rimon favorite meals. 

If you are looking for something new to try on campus, Hillel’s Rimon is a must-visit. Rimon’s meals are the perfect balance between carbs, proteins, and vegetables, with a sweet side of dessert, making them the ideal dish after a long day of studying. Above are just a few of the most popular items ordered by students, but there are so many more favorites on the menu that you must try.