Durham has been named as one of the best college towns when it comes to food, so it’s time to take advantage of the food culture that surrounds us. The best way to do so? One day, one bucket list, lots of amazing stops through Durham.

The best way to spend a day in Durham is to eat your way through it. Starting in the morning for breakfast, this guide will take you all the way through dessert, so make sure to leave a little room and definitely ask the waiter for a box to take home extras if that’s what you need to do. I hope you’re hungry.

Breakfast: Monuts Donuts


Photo by Abby Farley

Monuts is a must, as if that was ever even up for debate. At its new 9th Street location, this larger and better-than-ever stop is the best way to start your day. Don’t get too eager trying to pre-plan your breakfast here because their specials and ever-changing donut flavors are sure to pique your interests and have you questioning what to order until you’re finally at the front of that impressive line.

Make sure to go with friends, so you can all order a donut or two and taste test them all. The creative combinations will get your bucket list mission started off on the right foot.

Post-Breakfast Coffee: Beyù Caffè

Now that you’re done with Monuts, you’ll need to take a break and digest. Slow things down this morning to check out another great stop in Durham for a post-breakfast coffee. Beyù Caffè’s drink menu features amazing options, from the classics to a peanut butter mocha and so much more. Beyù Caffè also serves breakfast and brunch, so it’s suggested that you come back to check out the whole menu, or maybe even some of their desserts, like the cake shots (layers of cake and icing, and yes, it’s served in a plastic shot glass).

If you’re not a coffee drinker, try out Cocoa Cinnamon for hot chocolate that is to die for. This hidden spot is definitely worth the trip, and the comfort food will be sure to make this day of eating even sweeter.

Lunch: Foster’s Market

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Hitting all of your fresh and homemade food needs, Foster’s Market is the solution to any midday craving you might be having. All of the sandwich, soup, salad and fresh baked goods options will have you coming back in the future to taste more of the menu, especially since they serve breakfast and brunch, too. For this bucket list day though, come in and enjoy the experience of lunch at this great “mom and pop” restaurant.

Need some help on what to order? Peanut butter banana sandwich: always a win. 7 pepper jelly grilled cheese: need it now. Bacon, avocado and tomato: will make you question why you ever just ordered a BLT. Pesto chicken salad: yes please. Don’t forget to try the fresh mozzarella no matter what you order. You only have one day of eating in Durham, so go big or go home.

Dinner: Local 22


Photo by Elysia Su

The Local 22 Kitchen and Bar is a rustic, chic restaurant whose atmosphere is only to be upstaged by the food itself. The American menu features amazing flatbread pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, salads and appetizers on top of an ever-changing assortment of specials. The daily hush puppies and mac ‘n cheeses, featuring additions like duck confit or chorizo, are always intriguing and definitely worth sharing with the table. Do the same with the flatbreads to make sure you get to taste all that this trendy restaurant has to offer.

Dessert: The Parlour and Cook-Out 

Handmade ice cream straight from Durham? Yes please. The Parlour is the source of this perfect end of day, ice-cold treat. And yes, it even supports local farmers. Unfortunately, the Parlour is temporarily closed for renovations, so I suggest driving over to Cook-Out for a famous milkshake (maybe some fries, too, if you aren’t already totally full).

Don’t worry though, The Parlour is planning to re-open in early March, and before then, they’ll be out around Durham on their original bus to sell you your favorite flavors, like Vietnamese Coffee, Earl Grey and Coconut Curry with Candied Cashews.


You’re sure to end the day full and with plenty of reasons to revisit these amazing Durham stops. Take a break from food points for one full day and take advantage of everything our favorite North Carolina city has to offer.

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