Remember back in 2019 when we did that thing called "going out"? A fascinating phrase used to describe the act of pursuing a fun bar in the hopes of having a good time with friends.

Since the pandemic; bars, restaurants, and all things social have been closed. Thankful for everyone who quarantined this year, we (in Massachusetts) are now in Phase 3 in our reopening plan. You know what that means... we are going out!

Now, I understand that we have not been able to go out in Boston for quite some time and some of you may have never been out in Boston period. Well lucky for you, I have been to an alarming amount of bars in Boston. Today, I am sharing with you my five go-to spots.

1. Stephanie's on Newbury

Starting this list off with a MUST see in Boston is Stephanie's on Newbury. They have a really long bar which is perfect for social distancing with a bigger group, or you can also sit at a table for a more formal dining experience (and to eat Monkey bread).

Drink recommendation: Bloody Mary (their Bloody Mary's are so famous they even sell the mix in-house, you're welcome).

p.s. they also have spiked hot chocolate... need I say more?

2. Bully Boy Distillers

Bully Boy's is one of the coolest bars in Boston I've been to. They have a tasting room and cocktail bar (both open) and they recently opened up their barrel and production floors to accommodate seating. The owners are two dudes who grew up on a farm, classic New England vibes all around.

Don't feel comfortable going out but want to go out? Find out if you like it shaken or stirred by signing up for one of their virtual cocktail classes

Drink recommendation: You Go, Glen Coco. Not only is this the BEST NAME for a cocktail but she also has vodka and a mounds bar, enough said. (Bully Boy vodka, Bully Boy Boston rum, cream of coconut, cold brew, mounds bar)

3. Drink

Two amazing things about Drink. 1. It's an underground bar. 2. They have CIDER DONUTS!

Their mixologists are walking menus. It might sound intimidating to not read off of a menu if you're a newbie to drinking. But don't be alarmed, if you don't have a drink in mind, tell them what you like (and what you don't like) and they will craft the perfect cocktail for you.

Drink recommendation: let THEM decide!

4. nathàlie

Calling all winos! Why should we limit ourselves to wine only on Wine Wednesday when nathàlie is just sitting over in Fenway waiting? The wines they carry aren't the typical wines you might see on your coffee table on Wine Wednesday. They focus on smaller, natural batches and the best part, all their wines are female produced!

Drink recommendation: their menu is constantly changing. Order dinner and ask the sommelier for a recommendation. Oh, and don't forget to order the chocolate chip cookies to-go. ;)

5. Gracie's Ice Cream x Earnest Drinks

Relatively new to Boston, Gracie's and Earnest combine two of the most loved indulgences, ice cream and booze. End your Friday night bar crawl on a high note with a ~frappe~. Orrrrr, be like me and go out for "ice cream" on a Tuesday.

Drink recommendation: Cookie Hopper (mint chocolate chip ice cream frappe with cookie crumbles and your choice of booze

Hope you get to try at least one of these must-see bars in Boston. Let me know which one is your favorite!