Ginormous sushi burritos? Check. Rice bun burgers? Check. These foods and more are all part of the Asian fusion trend, which combines cuisines from a variety of Asian cultures. Look out for these five hot spots for Asian fusion foods all around Berkeley.

1. Berkeley Social Club

Luna Zhang

When you walk into Berkeley Social Club, the sleek yet cozy interior draws you in, but it's the contemporary Korean-American fare that makes everyone stay. The restaurant is the ultimate spot for brunch (the Mascarpone Blueberry Stuffed Crunch French Toast is superb), but don't miss out on their dinnertime menu, filled with Korean fried chicken and Bulgogi. 

2. Sumo Roll

cheese, vegetable
Isabel Wang

Can't decide whether to have sushi or burritos? Well, no worries – Sumo Roll saves the day with their compromise: a sushi burrito! The traditional tortilla is replaced by a seaweed wrap and stuffed with white rice, veggies, and a variety of seafood. Not to mention, Sumo Roll is a shining choice for a healthy meal, as they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free rolls too.

3. Toss Noodle Bar

sauce, pad thai, shrimp, noodle
Kathy Ding

Even on weekdays, Toss Noodle Bar is packed with Berkeley students and residents – for good reason. Customers can design their own noodle (or rice) entrées, and customize the bowl with protein and sauces ranging from Chinese Soy Sauce, Japanese Sweet & Sour Sauce, Malay Peanut Sauce, and more. 

4. KoJa Kitchen

salmon, chicken
Katherine Luo

KoJa (aka Korean-Japanese) Kitchen, which started as a food truck, has now evolved into a restaurant nestled right on Telegraph. The place serves up its infamous "KoJa," an innovative burger that swaps out bread buns for fried garlic rice buns. For a complete meal set, pair the "KoJa" with a side of their signature Kamikaze fries, which are loaded with kimchi and Korean bbq beef.

5. Hashtag Poki

Heather Feibleman

If you're ever craving fresh-made poke bowls, head on over to Hashtag Poki. The eatery reinvents classic poke, infusing the Hawaiian dish with Asian seasonings. The food is delivered in a Chipotle-style setting, allowing people to build their own poke box. Plus, all the poke is served with compostable containers and utensils, lending an eco-friendly twist to the island flavors.

The diverse food joints really spice things up in Berkeley. So, whether you live here or you're just passing by, make sure you don't miss out on these Asian fusion restaurants.