Most of us can relate to the term "broke college student." When you're in the mood for brunch, it can be difficult to find a place where the price of a meal doesn't scare you off to the idea of going out.

Fortunately, there are a number of options around Milwaukee when you're ballin' on a budget. Feel free to splurge at these five places where most meals are under $10, and, most importantly, delicious. 

1. The National Cafe

Located only a couple of minutes away from Marquette's campus at 839 W. National Ave is a cute little café that offers coffee, tea, sandwiches, and various breakfast options. It's the perfect place to go and enjoy some coffee and catch up with friends, especially during the warm weather since they have patio seating.

My go-to food option here is the French Toast with candied nuts, berries, and whipped cream. Soooo good for just $8.75.

2. LuLu Cafe & Bar

Located in Bayview at 2265 S Howell Ave, LuLu's is another cute cafe with great food and friendly staff and patio seating. LuLu's offers burgers, pitas, burritos, sandwiches, scrambles, pies, and so much more.

My favorite here for brunch is the breakfast burrito. The rosemary potatoes it comes with are just heaven on earth, and only for $8.75.

3. Zak's Cafe

Another cute cafe, located at 231 S 2nd St, Zak's has beautiful paintings hanging on the walls, so you get great food and an even better view.

Think about it this way: you get to see two forms of art for the price of one. If that isn't a good deal then I don't know what is.

My favorite here? The brioche French toast, because who doesn't like French toast soaked in cinnamon and topped with strawberries? And, it's only $8.25. However, if you want to be a bit extra, they offer stuffed French toast which is mouthwatering, but a bit more expensive at $10.25.

4. Mad Rooster Cafe

We're going to move from French toast to crepes at our next destination, Mad Rooster Cafe. Located at 4401 W Greenfield Ave, Mad Rooster does not offer outside seating, but is still a beautiful place to get your brunch on.

The strawberry bliss crepe creation is unbelievably delicious, and it's only $8.50. Be sure to peep the banana chocolate hazelnut blast in the back, another piece of heaven on Earth for the same price.

5. Cielito Lindo

This authentic Mexican restaurant is perfect if you want to skip on the pancakes and waffles. Stop by 739 S 2nd St. for chilaquiles, enchiladas, tacos or a torta! 

I recommend the chimichanga lunch special which comes with rice and beans for just $7.99. Get yourself a Jarritos or an Agua de Horchata to get the whole experience; you won't be disappointed.

Affordable brunch is possible in Milwaukee, thanks to these five fabulous restaurants. Enjoy these tasty spots and continue to brunch without feeling guilty!