All students at Florida State know that Tallahassee is the place to go for two things: great parties and serious food combinations. When you live in a city where the fun never stops, it’s impossible not to develop a subculture of amazing restaurants that cater to all of your drunken needs. However, greasy hamburgers and pizza aren’t the only things you have to choose from, even though it might seem that way. When it comes to food here it’s go big or go home, and our meatless friends are continuing the tradition by putting out some of the best munchies in town.

1. Voodoo Dog’s Tofu Dogs

Photo by Haley Greco

Who says vegetarian food has to be boring? Voodoo Dog will substitute any of their hot dogs with a tofu dog because they’re just that awesome. When a menu boasts this many crazy combinations, there’s an option for every type of munchies craving. You’ll never have to compromise again.

2. Soul Veg‘s Vegan Mac and Cheese

Photo courtesy of @tallahealthy from Instagram

If you like good Southern cooking, this vegan mac will make you feel right at home. Everyone is talking about this dish, and it’s no surprise why. Soul Vegetarian is comfort food heaven! With so many other great options from spinach quiche to jerk tofu, you won’t know what to order next.

3. Vertigo Burgers & Fries’ Going Green Burger

Photo by Haley Greco

This quinoa red bean burger proves you don’t have to top your food with bacon and cheese to make it exciting. Stacked high with flavorful veggies like arugula, cucumber, and avocado, it makes a great fresh and healthy alternative to Vertigo’s equally impressive hamburgers. It might sound like you’re eating a salad, but trust me, you will not leave hungry.

4. Sweet Pea Cafe’s Vegan Poutine

Photo by Haley Greco

Usually people are hesitant to eat vegan reproductions of non-vegan food, but once you try this poutine you will regret every day that you’ve lived without it. Sweet Pea smothers their hand cut fries in peppery gravy topped with shredded (vegan) cheese, and man is it good. The portion size makes it the perfect side for any of their kickass sandwiches.

5. Bread and Roses Kitchen’s Bahn Mi

Photo courtesy of @yelptallahassee from instagram

We already know Bread and Roses as the local co-op, but did you know that they have an equally awesome restaurant? There you can find vegetarian dishes from all over the world, but their most loved is the bahn mi. This colorful sandwich features shredded carrots, cucumbers, and a tasty peanut sauce. Next time you’re craving something light and fresh, be adventurous and try this awesome vegetarian sandwich. And don’t forget to grab some freshly squeezed lemonade while you’re there.