Getting hooked on "healthy" chain options is an easy thing to do. Loving the burrito bowl from Chipotle or the salad bar at Whole Foods doesn't take much, but it can be hard to break away from these chains. To make your life easier, I found healthy restaurants in Knoxville, TN that are comparable to your favorite chains and close to campus!

1. Juice Box

Caitlin Lloyd

If you are part of the açai bowl craze right now, you will LOVE Juice Box. This local cafe specializes in smoothies, fresh pressed juices, crepés, coffee, avocado toast, along with an açai bowl, and can make anything vegan! They have a warm and inviting atmosphere, including affordable prices, as compared to Jamba Juice and Juice Bar. You are also able to customize just about everything on their extensive menu!

My recommendation: I LOVE the pitaya bowl with almond butter, mango, granola, and kiwi.

2. Tomato Head

Caitlin Lloyd

Panera Bread might offer some great mac and cheese and killer bread bowls, but Tomato Head can one it up in a heartbeat. With multiple locations across Knoxville, this restaurant has already won over many local's hearts. Their gourmet thin crust pizza, sandwiches stacked for miles, and homemade hummus is now even being sold in local supermarkets.

Caitlin Lloyd

My favorite: The vegan sandwich is a pile of heaven, stacked with pillows tofu and other veggies. Their hummus is also probably some of the best that I have ever had.

3. Three Rivers Market

Caitlin Lloyd

This co-op grocery store has the same atmosphere as Whole Foods while having a small farmer's market feeling surrounding it. Three Rivers Market was created in order to promote healthy living in the area and bring fresh food directly from surrounding farms, and they are thriving. The market is complete with a hot food and salad bar, offering food ranging from Indian samosas to pasta salad.

My recommendation: Their hot food bar has Indian food that will make you want to fall over with how much flavor it has.

Caitlin Lloyd

4. Soccer Taco

A local favorite, Soccer Taco offers Mexican dishes from authentic tacos to burritos stuffed to the brim. Their delicious flavors are packed with protein and fresh ingredients and will make you never want to go to Chipotle again. With three locations across Knoxville, your craving for healthy and good Mexican food can be fixed just about anywhere!

My recommendation: Their tacos are light and delicious, giving your mouth a party.

5. Bida Saigon

This gem of a restaurant is hidden in the corner of a strip mall and can only be found if you are actively looking for it. Bida Saigon is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that offers quite possibly the best pho in Tennesse as well as some vegetarian dishes and delicious spring rolls. If you ever find yourself craving Noodles and Company, try finding this place instead!

My recommendation: Honestly, anything on their menu is superb, especially their spring rolls!

Eating healthy is always a great lifestyle, but combining that with local food options is a massive plus! These five restaurants will satisfy your cravings and make you fall in love with eating all over again, whether that be through açai bowls or pho. So, what are you doing still reading this? Get up and go!