Coming from San Francisco, I was worried that I would not find any good asian restaurants in Tucson. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. Japanese food can range from warm pork ramen, to cold sushi on ice. Here are the 'Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Tucson' that you should check out the next time you’re feeling like trying something new in Tucson.

1. Yoshimatsu

Betsy Kaplan

If you're feeling like a casual but authentic cuisine, this is the restaurant to visit. Not too far from campus, Yoshimatsu is described as a "health-conscious" Japanese restaurant nearby campus. With their friendly staff, and a green themed background, it's easy to get hooked to their various dishes. Make sure to check out their lunch special, and my personal favorite, the sushi burrito.  

2. OBON Sushi Bar Ramen

If you’re wanting to dress up a little and get classy, this is the perfect restaurant. With a great ambiance and freshly cut raw sushi, it’s easy to fall in love with this extravagant restaurant. While it isn’t the cheapest option out of the five, it manages to still be affordable. I recommend trying their house made sushi rolls.

3. Ikkyu

While it is easily the farthest restaurant, driving here is worth the wait. Not only are their meals fairly I recommend trying their ramen, which is only offered on the weekends. The soup broth is broiled fresh daily, and it’s full of protein and healthy vegetables. If you feel like trying something

4. Sushi Garden

This is definitely the most known restaurant out of the bunch. College students love flocking to this sushi joint for birthday dinners, sake bombs, and just for the sushi in general. With a trendy feel and colorful signs, it’s definitely a very instagram worthy place. I recommend trying their lollipop roll.

5. Shogun Japanese Restaurant

If you’re super hungry and you want large portions, this is the restaurant for you. At the corner of River and Stone, this restaurant has a unique, cultural vibe. If you want a private setting, you can request to sit in the ‘Tatami rooms’. With daily specials, this restaurant is definitely one for the books. I recommend trying their Oyako Donburi.  

Now that you have multiple options to choose from, I think that it's time to quit eating In n Out and head to a quality restaurant. If you are feeling like saving money and want to make your own treats, make sure to check out this article by a fellow Spoon writer!