Although studying abroad is an incredible experience, it's inevitable to occasionally miss home. I'm originally from Peru, so I can only visit home on the longer breaks, and I often find myself missing my country. But I especially miss our food (Peru is known as a culinary destination!). If you, like me, are an international student feeling homesick, visit one of these international restaurants in Boston. It can be a cure to your homesickness or a new place to try if you're feeling adventurous.

1. Eataly

Ivana Rizo Patron

If you don't want to make the trip to the North End for Italian food, Eataly at the Prudential Center is a great alternative. Try one of their four restaurants (La Piazza, Terra, La Pizza & La Pasta or Il Pesce) for authentic Italian food, or shop their great selection of pasta, meat, fish, sauces and more to prepare your favorite dish at home! Don't forget to stop by their dessert bar, gelato, cannoli or coffee stand. Eataly presents three floors of authentic Italian offerings. Give yourself a good amount of time and stop for a great meal and a little food shopping. 

2. JoJo Taipei

Ivana Rizo Patron

Take the B-line to Allston, and you will find yourself at JoJo Taipei, a Chinese restaurant with influence from Thailand. If Chinatown seems too far, try JoJo Taipei for the fried rice, duck plate, or hot pot you are craving. Their round tables with Lazy Susans are great for a meal with friends. Don't be afraid to order various plates and share family style, something quite common at Chinese restaurants. Once you're done with dinner, you can walk around to one of the many local dessert places.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is a great Spanish restaurant to visit with friends. Their extensive tapas menu will not disappoint. The best way to enjoy a variety of plates is to share many tapas with a big group. You'll be able to try everything--from manchego croquetas to octopus sliders and patatas bravas. Their charcuterie and cheese are other typical aspects of Spanish food that you cannot miss. This restaurant is a great way to bond with your friends and enjoy great food at the same time.

4. Besito Mexican

If you want to try something other than the Mexican food at our dining halls, be sure to try Besito Mexican at The Shops at Chestnut Hill. Apart from being close to campus, the restaurant has made-to-order guacamole, as well as tacos, enchiladas and entree plates. For Latin American's who cannot necessarily find food from their country, Besito is a great alternative. 

5. Vejigantes

Head over to the South End for some authentic Puerto Rican food. From the ambiance to the food, Vejigantes will make you feel like you are back in PR. Not only do they have sides as the tostones we miss, but their desserts, as the tres leches, are something that cannot be missed.

If you're feeling homesick, or just adventurous, give one of these restaurants a try. If you don't have time, many of these restaurants deliver through GrubHub or Foodler--there's no excuse!