Denver is crawling with coffee shops. Everywhere you turn, every neighborhood you go to, there's more than a few places to get a good cup of coffee. 

To make your life on social media a little easier, here is a list of five Denver coffee shops where your inner hipster can fly free. The city with 300 days of sun helps you out with natural lighting for the photographer in you. You're guaranteed a great cup of coffee... and an excellent addition to your 'gram feed.

Steam Espresso Bar

Steam Espresso Bar is a Pearl Street favorite. Created by two twin brothers, Steam has amazing decor and a beautiful outdoor patio so you can get some great lighting for Instagrams.

According to their website, they only use ethically-produced and micro-roasted beans. If you're looking for a simple, perfectly crafted coffee drink, head to Steam.

Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee has two locations in Denver (one in the Highlands and one in CapHill). Both are extremely aesthetically-pleasing with cool decor like the tiled floor above and are flooded with natural light.  

The newer Capitol Hill location turns into White Lies, a dinner restaurant and cocktail bar that opens at 5. Try out both locations for equally unique experiences.

Amethyst Coffee Company

If for no other reason, go to Broadway's Amethyst because it is so damn beautiful. White interior and natural lighting make it the perfect place to hangout and sip a well-crafted latte. Sit back in a rocking chair and relax (but don't forget to have someone take a picture of you for Instagram).

Huckleberry Roasters

Huckleberry Roasters, located in the northwest neighborhood, Sunnyside, is the epitome of trendy. Who doesn't love a colorful mural for their photo backdrop? A friendly and helpful staff greets you inside to help you pick the perfect drink. Sit outside on Huckleberry's open patio and sip on a delicious latte. 

Thump Coffee

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Capitol Hill's Thump Coffee is a gorgeous space to get work done or meet up with a friend for coffee and a great meal. The industrial-style interior, large seating area, and minimalistic menu makes for hipster heaven

Whether you're in it for the Instagram or not, all of these Denver coffee shops will not disappoint. Each one boasts a great cup of coffee (or latte in my case) and beautiful setting to spend your days in. Study, hangout with friends, or people watch, but definitely get out there and start exploring these unique spots.