If you have not been to Nook, located on Congress Street in Downtown Tucson, I highly recommend you go check it out. It is a super cute and casual eatery conveniently located downtown. I took my mom here for brunch when she visited and she loved it! Below are the five things you must try at Nook!

1. The Griddlecakes

cinnamon, cream
Caroline Solomon

Nook is known for their cinnamon roll griddlecakes, and the best part is they are homemade. Griddlecakes are basically just another name for pancakes. The cinnamon roll griddlecakes taste just like a cinnamon roll but in pancake form. So delicious! In addition, they also offer chocolate griddlecakes. However, if you are not into flavored pancakes, they make original flapjacks, which are also extremely tasty.

2. The Nickel & Lox

This dish tastes as good as it looks. Toasted pumpernickel bread spread with dill cream cheese and topped with house cured lox, tomato, crumbled hard boiled egg, red onion, and lemon oil. Be sure to give this a try.

3. Folded Eggs

Folded eggs are Nook's version of omelets. They offer a variety of options including, ham and cheese, garden vegetable, jalapeno scallion and bacon, and dill and grave lox. Folded eggs are all prepared gluten free and served with a side of smashed hash.

4. The Godfather Benedict 

One of Nook's specialties, the Godfather Benedict contains prosciutto, arugula, poached egg, and is topped with hollandaise sauce and a balsamic drizzle. I highly recommend this delicious twist on the well-know classic.

5. Mimosas

As I am not able to have Nook's mimosas because of my age, my mom ordered one when we went there. She said it was one of the best mimosas she's ever had. The most enjoyable part? The orange juice is fresh squeezed and topped with a fresh orange slice. 

Overall, I am super excited about Nook because of its delicious and aesthetic cuisine. Not to mention its close proximity to campus. It is a great quick getaway from everyone's hectic lifestyle. Next time you are craving some delicious brunch food, go on over to Nook!