For the Class of 2016, graduation is just around the corner. You’re putting the finishing touches on your resume, trying to job hunt and frantically emailing your professors for a little grade boost here or there – all while trying to squeeze in as many nights downtown as you possibly can.  As if your to-do list wasn’t long enough already, your parents just started hounding you to find a place to celebrate.

Deep breaths. We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the must-try restaurants in and around Blacksburg for graduation weekend, suitable for every tastebud and situation. (And we won’t care if you tell Mom it was all your idea.)

Social House

Perfect For: Finicky family members
Price range: $$


Photo courtesy of Social House

Social House is one of the newer restaurants in Blacksburg, and is the perfect spot for a celebratory family lunch or dinner. The menu boasts an impressive variety of international cuisine, inspired by the cultural diversity of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. From Korean beef bulgogi to the “Mac Daddy” burger, there’s bound to be something for even the pickiest of relatives.

Struggling to make conversation with that second-cousin-once-removed who came into town? No more. The location’s rich history and mural-covered walls are sure to spark some table talk.

Poor Billy’s

Perfect For: Ballin’ out on your parents’ dime
Price range: $$$


Photo courtesy of Poor Billy’s

Your parents have nagged you for basically your entire college career about spending all your money on food and booze. Graduation is a great excuse to eat out on their buck, and Poor Billy’s is the place to go if you’re looking for some swankier fare and a similar atmosphere.

Known for steaks, seafood, sushi and melt-in-your-mouth bread, it’s the perfect place to treat yo’self after four (maybe five) years of hard work. Not to mention, it’s conveniently located underneath Big Al’s, so you can hop upstairs for a celebratory night on the town with all your friends. Why not bring grandma and grandpa along, too?

The Homeplace Restaurant

Perfect For: A clan whose size rivals the Duggars
Price range: $$


Photo courtesy of The Homeplace Restaurant

As the youngest in my family, I already know every aunt, uncle, cousin and family friend is going to be in Blacksburg to hoot and holler as I walk across stage. If your family is anything like mine and the whole crew is going to be rolling into town, the Homeplace is the place for you.

Heaping portions of fried chicken, juicy meats, desserts and southern-style sides are served family-style at the homey, converted farmhouse in Catawba. The menu changes day-to-day and never fails to delight. Be sure to come hungry and arrive a little early if you want to avoid a wait (but it’s totally worth it).


Perfect For: Getting tipsy so you can grin and bear it
Price range: $$


Photo by Kasey Kraft

Be it the entire graduation ceremony or the judgmental look you get when you say you don’t have a job lined up yet, there are bound to be some moments during graduation weekend that will require a little more than deep breathing and a smile to get through.

Lucky for you, Boudreaux’s has an extensive and amazing cocktail list that pairs perfectly with their Cajun-style brunch, lunch and dinner menus. Enjoy a “Cajun Mary” and crab cake florentine for brunch upstairs on the rooftop, or wash down some fried alligator bites with a coconut mojito in the cozy downstairs.

622 North

Perfect For: Recovering from your last night downtown as an undergrad
Price range: $$


Photo courtesy of 622 North

You spent your last day/night DT bar-crawling with all your best friends and continued the fun at home with your roomies, giggling and reminiscing and sobbing about how “this can’t be the end.” Your parents want to take you out for one last meal in town and you’re sure it’ll be the death of you (if your splitting headache doesn’t kill you first).

622 North brunch to the rescue. The restaurant’s eclectic menu has plenty of options that are sure to soak up all of last night’s libations. Chicken and waffles or a Thai pork omelet, anyone? Split a mimosa pitcher with Mom & Dad to cheers to your future and all your accomplishments.

Wherever your graduation celebrations take you to eat in the 24060, be sure to enjoy – you deserve it. Hats off to the Class of 2016!