The United States has some great cuisine variation, and many cultures continue to bring their traditions and food here. We now get to enjoy the fabulous art that is Bubble Tea/Boba from Taiwan, tasty Jerk Chicken from Jamaica, and rolls upon rolls of Sushi from Japan.

There are, however, still some things we really need to bring to the U.S. from Japan. Here are the top 8 tasty treats that need to be brought to the U.S. from Japan!

Street Food

From Taiyaki (shown below) to Dango to Yakitori, Japan has amazing street food for snacks or quick meals. Rather than a sloppy hot dog that you can get from a vendor, in Japan, you can get a cute and tasty fish-shaped cake with bean filling! Or maybe even a sweet dumpling on a stick if that suites your fancy. I really need these street foods for my lunch break!


Yakiniku means "grilled meat" and it is a way of cooking and eating your meal right at the table. You grill bite-sized meat (like thin steak, beef and some chicken) and vegetables right in the center of your table at dinner and eat as soon as it is done. Talk about fast food! 

Chelsea Johanning

Grape Soft Serve

Grape isn't exactly the first flavor for ice cream you would think of. This flavor of ice cream is a popular snack in Japan and I can definitely argue that it should be sold in all U.S. ice cream shops. It is a sweet grape flavored ice cream usually served soft-serve style, and the best part about it is, its purple! 


Calpis is a white cultured milk drink that resembles the taste of what we know as "yogurt". Its flavor is so popular its also in candies, ice cream and pastries! If this doesn't sound fantastic to you, I'm sorry for your unfortunate taste buds....Only kidding; there are similar clear sodas (called cider in Japan) that have many flavors ranging from melon to apple that I believe that you will love!


OK, some of you may think "hey, there is ramen in the U.S. I eat it all the time!" and I say to you, that ramen in the U.S. is a sad excuse. Traditional ramen is so much better, bigger and more filling than the single serving of plain noodles we have here. Many have beef, vegetables, spices and come with small toppings/add-ons like green onions and seaweed! Authentic Ramen is definitely a necessity in the U.S., and I dream about the day I live down the block from a traditional ramen restaurant. 

Chelsea Johanning

Legit Vending Machines

Japan knows how to do vending machines! Rather than having small convenience stores on every corner, Japan has vending machines! I know what you're thinking, "Chelsea, we have vending machines here in the U.S." and what I say is Japan does it better!

In Japan you will find an abundance of vending machines, machines with burgers, machines with quick ramen, some with so many drinks its hard to choose and even some selling surgical masks and socks to help protect against the elements at a moments notice! This might be a cheaper and more efficient way to deliver everyday goods to the American people. 

Boxed Milk

This is one that seems odd but just trust me for a minute... In almost any Japanese vending machine that has sodas and coffee, boxed milk is sold too! As someone who enjoys milk with spicy, savory, and sweet foods it would be awesome to get a quick treat from a vendor accompanied by a small box of milk. #convenience

Yogurt Drink 

Yogurt Drinks are very popular in Japan especially flavors like Calpis that are often in sweets ranging from candy to tea. Yogurt drinks are also very popular and don't resemble the bland taste of "Danimals". 

The yogurt flavoring is lighter, sweet and has almost this tangy flavor that would be much appreciated in the U.S. 

There are so many foods, snacks, and drinks that are in Japan that we would make me and I hope all of you happy too. Maybe someday the U.S. will adopt some of these simple delicacies. Until then I'll keep dreaming....