Charlotte is exploding with new restaurants. Big foodie trends from New York City and LA are finally making their way to the QC. Not many people know that these trends are happening, so that's about to change. Here's a guide to all the 5 new foodie trends coming to CLT that you absolutely have to try:

1. Poké

This Hawaiian dish and foodie trend has taken over the country by storm, incorporating sashimi grade raw tuna, salmon, and even octopus. There's also avocado, edamame, and cucumbers depending on which place you go to. Everything is mixed together with a soy glaze and served over sticky rice. The simple ingredients have a lot of flavor and vitamins. Yay for healthy food! You can find poké bowls (and poké burritos!) at Bonsai Fusion at 7th street public market, Wu's Cajun Seafood, Co, and new places such as Seoul Bowl opening up near Queens.

2. Wafflewiches 

Because who needs regular bread anyway? These sandwiches utilize waffles to keep all the delicious contents packed together. Wafflewiches are huge in NYC right now, so it's really exciting to see them in Charlotte! Fud at Salud in NoDa has a motto- "Do you even waffle, bro?" Their wafflewiches were so good, they were featured on Food Network's Divers, Dine-in's, and Drives. Try the "Jason-Gi-Ham-Brie" or their cheesecake wafflewiches. 

3. Rolled Ice Cream

You've probably already heard of this one but believe it or not, Charlotte is just now getting places that serve this treat. This ice cream involves pouring milk into a cold pan, pouring on toppings, and as it solidifies it is scraped into neat little rolls. The rolls are then assembled in a cup and more toppings are added. Check out Jolly Rolls ice cream in Matthews, and their flavors like Coca-Cola or Cotton Candy. There's also Nom Nom Hibachi ice cream in the Southpark Mall. Rolled ice cream is the ticket to heaven. 

4. Edible coffee cups

Yes, you read that correctly. It's essentially a cookie that holds whatever coffee beverage you order. Subsecreto is the ultimate goth and cool coffee shop in Charlotte, with drinks like "The Basic Witch" and "The Crucible". They are the pioneers of adding a chocolate covered shortbread cookie and making it into a cup to hold your drink. The future is here. 

5. Boba tea

It's taken over the country by storm in recent years. Charlotte has very few places that offer this delicious Taiwanese beverage. The few that do are total gems and must be protected at all costs. Boba tea is just tea with a milk base and tapioca pearls and jellies in cute shapes are added. The tea, boba, and jellies come in a variety of flavors that you can mix and match. Tea Fusion Cafe opened up a few months ago in University City, and offers amazing boba tea. Quickly is also based in the University City, and has locations worldwide.  If you need to get a boba tea fix but do not want to venture far from campus, Waterbean Coffee and Co both offer it.

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