Kerala is a state in India, in the tropical Malabar coast. It is known for its palm lined beaches, wildlife, backwaters, coffee, tea, and spice plantations, coconut trees and their famous fish curries. Here is a list of dishes that you NEED to try in Kerala.

1) Non-Veg Sadhya

This dish although made for one can easily feed 4 people (assuming that all of y'all are dieting and are okay missing out on some great food). Served on a banana leaf it already gives you the coastal Kerala vibes. The main dish is brown rice topped with either curd (yogurt) curry or sambar. It has 101 side dishes which enhances the taste, these dishes include- fish molee, Kerala style beef, pork fry, thoran ( parboiled vegeatables), avial, mixture of vegetables with coconut milk,puliserry,erisseri,coconut and tamrind chillychateney, aachar (pickle) and a pinch of salt to heighten the taste. 

Samantha George

2) Kappa and Fish curry

Kappa, is a tapioca dish which initially was eaten by farmers as it has a high level of protein and carbohydrates. Though it was known as a poor mans food, it is now served even in 5 star hotels in Kerala. Kappa is normally served with fish curry, which is so tasty that it honestly becomes a challenge not to lick your fingers clean in public.

Samantha George

3) Tiger Prawn fry

Served again on the iconic banana leaf, just looking at this dish leaves you salivating, and it certainly doesn't disappoint when you taste it. The prawns are perfectly fried in cooled onions, curry leaves, pepper, chilli and fried with coconut milk. If reading about it makes your mouth water, you should definetley taste it.

Samantha George

4) Unniappam 

This is one sweet snack (pun intended). It's a ball shaped, crispy, made with rice flour, Jaggery and coconut oil. It can be filled with dates and plums. 

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5) Sulaimani Chai

 Chai, is another word for tea in India and honestly if any drink that is worthy to be compared to nectar drunk by Gods, it should be this tea. With a perfect golden color, it leaves you already feeling like a royal. This sweet sour tea is made without milk, lime and sugar are added, and spices like cloves, cardamon, cinnamon too can be added. Its topped generally with a mint leaf.

Samantha George

To anyone visiting this magical place, the sights and views are not the only things that will enchant you, the food will take you into a labyrinth and believe me you will not want to find a way out.