We know there are plenty of places to get a good drink in this town.

We can tell you how many: twenty-three. That’s a lot of options to get turnt. We’ve got THE option for you for those days where your paycheck comes in, or your parents top up your bank account #blessed. You’ve probably heard of it, it’s called The Adamson, on South Street? The one that everyone says does good cocktails but you’ve never tried it ’cause you’re a broke ass bitch? Well, not tonight you aren’t.

It’s THE place to go when your parents are in town, or if you’ve got a date sporting a lil extra cash (cha-CHING), or those days you just need to treat yo’self. We’ve been there. We got you.

The cocktail list may seem intimidating, but never fear, I have done the nitty gritty research for you. It was a daunting (and by that, I mean delicious) task, but I grabbed my mate and we sipped on the most insane cocktails until we nearly passed out from happiness, then compiled a list of the ones you simply cannot miss out on.

1. Smoking Rum Punch


Photo courtesy of The Adamson on theadamson.com

You can get this all around amazing drink for a mere £7.95. Seriously, it’s fantastic from its presentation to its taste. Containing gold rum, honey, ginger, pineapple, and applewood smoke, it’s incredibly unique and exotic, bringing you daydreams of exotic, warm climates that aren’t St Andrews. But we digress. The smoky applewood flavour really comes out the further into it you get, and to be honest, it all goes down smoothly and way too quickly. For the cost, it’s a great choice, and a great drink to impress any date with. Here’s some more tips we’ve got for what you should order on date night.

2. Tiki Cloud


Photo courtesy of The Adamson Bar on theadamson.com

This is literally the coolest drink ever to look at. It’s very sweet and fairly strong. You’ve been properly warned. Containing white rum, triple sec, OJ, orget, and dry ice, it’s priced at £8.95 and totally worth trying at The Adamson. And did I mention you’ll definitely impress the people you’re with? Here’s some other ways you can try to impress your date, friends, or whoever.

3. Charlie Chaplin’s Bubble Bath


Photo courtesy of The Adamson on Facebook

Pictured on the left, this drink includes sloe gin, maraschino, citrus, and dry ice. Priced at £8.95, this is my favourite drink. There’s something that reacts to the dry ice and makes it bubble and bubble (cue my childish glee). Pro tip, however? Do not get this on a date, it’s literally super awkward to drink. I kept laughing and laughing, bubbles absolutely everywhere… it was embarrassing. And not a cute look, just trust me on this one. You know some other stuff you shouldn’t get on a date? Definitely not these.

4. The Physician


Photo courtesy of Scott Davies on citylicious.com

According to the bartender, this drink is most popular with the ladies (ay’ ay’, where my ladies at?!), and it’s easy to see why. This drink containing vodka, St Germain, mint and raspberries runs you a neat £7.95, and it’s seriously pretty as well as being very drinkable. Sweet, but not overly so thanks to the mint. If you’re having a gals night and want to drink like five of these, this is the one (except your wallet is really gonna hurt after that many, and I feel sorry for you already). If you don’t have the cash, or the nerve for this drink, try these cool cocktails you can make at home.

5. Corpse Reviver


Photo courtesy of truebarbecue.com

Although this cocktail isn’t unique to The Adamson, it’s ingrained in English tradition, and it’s a total must-have. Invented by Henry Craddock in 1930 and featured in his legendary Savoy Cocktail Handbook, how can you resist this drink that includes gin, Lillet Blanc, triple sec, lemon, and absinthe (because you’re a total badass)? Sipping on this piece of history will only run you £7.95, and I’ve gotta say that while this may be one of the strongest drinks I’ve ever had, it’s also strangely pleasant. It wasn’t hard to drink, but at the same time it was quite strong. If you want something nice and classy but also want to get quite drunk, this should be your cocktail of choice. Want to drink some more history? Try this recipe for a historical beer cocktail.


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

‘Nuff said.