Everybody LOVES a good order of chips and guac, me especially. When you're looking for some high-qual eats off-campus and just cannot eat another Chipotle bowl, here are 5 cheap, delicious Atlanta Mexican restaurants. 

1. Bartaco

An Emory fave, Bartaco is a perfect pick for a night out. Located on Highland Ave, the amazing playlists, fun menu, and incredible sharing options will guarantee you to come home full and happy. If I could I would be buried in crispy rock shrimp tacos. Pro tip: the kids' tray is a perfect sampling of the menu. And don't you DARE leave without trying the churros. I have literally watched my friends lick the chocolate sauce from the bottom of the bowl. 

2. Taqueria del Sol

Another popular college pick is Taqueria del Sol, with three locations between downtown Atlanta and Decatur. TdS keeps it cheap, casual and simple with delicious tacos and steamin' hot enchiladas. Pour out a pitcher of margaritas with your friends, and please, I'm begging you, get the salsa trio. You'll thank me later. 

3. Raging Burrito

Raging Burrito has been rolling Atlanta's best fatties since 1996. With insanely creative options like the Pineapple Jerk and Tokyo Teriyaki burritos, there is always something new to try on their menu. Check it out on Thursdays to play some team trivia. Plus, you're located just in the middle of Decatur square...no harm in washing down a fuego meal with some ice cream, right? 

4. Yumbii

Two words: Sesame. Fries. Food truck/taco shop/heavenly chain Yumbii sells sesame fries with chipotle ketchup. What more do you need to know? This truck even comes directly to college campuses (typically at Emory on Friday and Saturday nights) so your next Mex is literally just around the corner. 

5. Taco Cowboy

Last but certainly not least, Taco Cowboy takes the Tex Mex concept to a whole new level. Have you ever heard of a Brisket Mac-n-Cheese Taco? Yup, neither had I. Then I ate one and it absolutely blew my MIND. Check out the BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla, the Trailer Park Taco, the Avocado Bruschetta...but honestly, whatever you get will be epic. And the best part: you can Postmates these tacos directly to your dorm room. 

So next time you mexican't even with the dining hall food, venture out to one of these mexican places in Atlanta for a tasty, inexpensive feast. You'll be glad you did.