Sunday’s are good for two things: sleeping in and, subsequently, brunch. This weekend check-out one of these five delicious brunch spots in London.

1. Campus Hi-Fi

This place is at the top of my Sunday brunch list. This cozy restaurant is the student brunch spot downtown and is packed every Sunday morning with hungover students trying to piece together the night before. I personally love any of their Eggs Benedict options

2. Christina’s Pub

Christina’s is the go-to option for Western student’s living by campus. A stone’s throw away from the main gates and greasy enough to satisfy all your hungover needs.

3. Symposium Café


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If you’re looking for omelettes, this place has got you covered. They also serve Caesar’s if you’re looking to fight your hangover head on.

4. The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady is a quirky little deli downtown. A little different, super cute and definitely worth checking out!

5. Marky’s Crêpes & Waffles

This crêpe place offers a variety of crêpes, ranging from classic sugary favourites to the not-so traditional ‘savoury crêpes’ like the pizza or the Popeye.