Fall is an incredible time for food. A favorite past-time is picking your own food, like apples or pumpkins from local farms. This is awesome for so many reasons because it is so much better for the environment and for the local economy because your money is going to smaller farms instead of large corporations.

Our charming city has an incredible culture, especially when it comes to food. Now, hear me out. I know Giant is super close, and Chipotle now delivers, but maybe we should try restaurants that are local and organic?

Here are a few of the top local and organic restaurants you have to try before you die (or graduate and move away).

One World Cafe

One World Cafe, on W University Parkway in Hopkins campus, is not only vegetarian, but also organic and “socially conscious”, which means you never have to feel guilty if you eat there. It’s like church right?

Belvedere Square Market

I chose to list the entire Market because all of it will make you look at life in an entirely different way. This picture is specifically of soup from Atwater’s, a real gem that has been awarded Best of Baltimore 2015 and also deserves a Noble Peace Prize.

The market is known for local smaller businesses that work to find the most local sources they can for the best food around.

Agora Organic Market

Now that’s a breakfast sandwich

A photo posted by @j_kersh on Feb 14, 2015 at 10:47am PST

This cute little market is in Fell’s Point and always smells amazing, from my own experience. Their menu changes with the season, as all good local and organic menus do, and they can even make Kale look appealing to me. Go figure.

Harmony Bakery


Right around the corner in Hampden is this adorable organic bakery/deli combination offering vegetarian options and a local menu that changes with the season. They make homemade donuts with seasonal ingredients (AKA pumpkin donuts, for sure).

Also, the deli aspect seems incredible and they love experimenting, such as what is pictured above. The tomato-eggplant stack looks like it could cure a common cold.

World Peace Cafe

A photo posted by Kadampa Meditation Center MD (@meditationinmd) on Aug 27, 2015 at 8:44pm PDT

This particular cafe is located in Baltimore’s first ever Buddhist temple, and the food is similar to a religious experience. The mission of the cafe is to provide affordable, sustainable (local and organic) food to the public in order to promote world peace.

The hours here are super specific, so your best bet would be a Saturday or Sunday brunch. It is absolutely a must because not only is it close to campus, it is also for peace on Earth.

Eating local is not only great for the environment, it is great for our community and the entire world. Eat with a purpose.