Whether you’re celebrating Taco Tuesday or you're just obsessed with tacos, finding variety can be difficult, especially near Marquette. We are limited to Qdoba Mexican Kitchen on Wells to get "Authentic Mexican Food." (Nice try Qdoba, we know whats really in that queso...).

Don't constrain yourself to on-campus eateries — Milwaukee has a ton of taco stops with fascinating combinations. These are five great taco places near Marquette.

Margarita Paradise

The Water Street entrance to Milwaukee's Public Market has a popular bar called Margarita Paradise. While the drinks are a hit, their tacos are a game-changer.

It tends to be hard to find quality taco's near Marquette University, however the Public Market is only a five-minute bus ride away. That's faster than Jimmy Johns!

The shrimp tacos in particular are stellar, but they have endless options to mix and match. Fully customizable plates can be ordered to satisfy any craving.


Vagabond is perhaps the most underrated taco spot in all of Milwaukee. It doesn’t matter what kind of tacos you’re headed in for. You will definitely leave satisfied!

Vagabond is notorious for hosting entertainers, like DJs, so you can get #lit and eat tacos at the same time. It's a two-for-one special!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you'll find a $2 taco special so you can try interesting street foods without breaking the bank. 

Conejito’s Place

Conejito’s is kind of a hole-in-the-wall dive, but they definitely know how to make a taco. Guy Fieri would approve!

Conejito's Place is definitely a go-to place for college students, it’s super cheap and will put no strain on your wallet. The menu is on the smaller side, but I promise there is something for everyone; they even have classic vegetarian bean tacos. Yum.

For those who are 21 and older their Margaritas are BOMB.


This next taco stop isn't your traditional Mexican eatery. In fact, there is only one type of taco to choose, but I promise you won't be disappointed. 

This is a great way to change up any dry morning meal.  Brunch’s tacos are complete with a pepper jack cheese blend, pork carnitas and pico de gallo wrapped up in a fluffy corn tortilla.

As part of the appetizer menu the portions are meant to share. Maybe a hot date might want to take you out for a nice Sunday Brunch. Or if you're rollin' solo, like me, treat yo'self to a nice glass of OJ and some tasty breakfast tacos!

BelAir Cantina

This wouldn’t truly be a taco roundup without mentioning BelAir Cantina: every Marquette students' favorite taco stop.

It's popular for a few specific reasons — it’s delicious, it’s affordable, there’s variety and they give you free salsa.

Plus they have great vegan options. Attendees will find families, professors and college buddies at BelAir on any given Taco Tuesday (and Thursday) for their $2 specials.

It’s a fun place that’s truly become a Milwaukee and Marquette bucket list item. 

Next taco Tuesday, hop on the bus or grab an Uber to one of these trendy spots downtown.