Coming from California, I never knew about this life changing thing called queso.  People choosing to skip out on guac for queso was a foreign idea and, until I had it, I never understood the hype. Now, after just a few months of being in Texas, queso has become a food group for me. I crave it. All day. Every Day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Putting my new obsession to good use, I present my roundup of the best quesos in Dallas.

1. Torchy’s Tacos Queso 

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Coming in first place is Torchy’s with the best queso in Dallas. It’s not your average cheesy goodness; the heavenly queso is topped with a refreshing scoop of guacamole to balance out the heat of green chiles and diablo hot sauce. You literally can’t stop yourself from eating the entire bowl.

2. Mr. Mesero’s Queso Mesero 


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When is comes to Tex Mex restaurants, you can’t control the urge to order some queso to start out your meal. Mr. Mesero’s Queso is a twist on the queso blanco filled with artichoke and spinach. One may think it’d taste like your typical artichoke dip but, truth be told, it is 100% pure queso goodness. It comes in at #2 on the list.

3. Mi Cocina’s Amarillo Queso 


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This hidden gem technically isn’t on the menu at Mi Cocina. You’ll see queso blanco or chile con queso but queso amarillo is an off-menu favorite. Slightly spicy and seasoned with cumin, you’ll find yourself instinctively reaching for another chip and in no time at all the entire bowl is gone. Before you know it, you’re full from the awesome queso and can’t even eat your dinner.

4. Digg’s Chips & Queso 

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Before you digg (pun very much intended) into that chicken burrito bowl, you have to try Digg’s chips and queso. It’s a fairly traditional queso blanco but you can order it “Digg’s style” with salsa, guac, and ground beef to spice it up. Topped with jalapeño peppers, this spicy queso will leave you wanting to order more. And more. And more.

5. Bandito’s Queso de la Casa


Photo by Bandito’s Tex Mex Cantina

Last but not least is Bandito’s queso de la casa, or as Texans would say, the house queso. The flavor of their queso is good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s relatively plain compared to the other four that made the list. But, Bandito’s gains the #5 spot for its quantity. A bowl of queso can feed six people no problem and you can easily spend your Margarita Mondays munching on it. While it is still a classic queso, you can upgrade it with spicy beef, green chiles, guac, and sour cream. Mmm mmm good.