Have you tried every eating joint at the DLF Mall of India? 

If you have, I must applaud you; that is some killer dedication you have. Most people (me included, sadly) can't manage a feat like that. 

That being said, have you been able to decide which ones you like the best? 

We have! With a lot of comprehensive 'research' undertaken, we've managed to narrow down to a single list to help out our gourmands who haven't yet managed every joint in the Mall.

So here are the five top places in the Mall of India in our opinion.

1. Mamagoto

For all you anime and kpop induced Asian culture nuts, and for the ones who want to try something (awesomely) new, Mamagoto is THE place to be! I swear it on their amazing Osaka Train Station Ramen!

2. Chilli’s

Despite what you might have heard, it is not a wholly Tex-Mex joint, and it has, like all brands coming to India, given it's menu a desi twist. But believe me, that just adds to its mind-boggling quality.

3. Pirates of the grill

Trust me when I say this, but you must NOT, under any circumstances, go to eat here when you're just 'sort of' hungry. This is a decision that you will regret with every fibre of your being as you look on at the lip smacking Chicken Tikka Kali Mirch and the Bhuna Gosht.

4. Carl’s Jr.

There's no shortage of burger joints nowadays, but believe me when I say Carl's Jr has been the most successful of them all in creating a unique taste. It's grill marks gives it authenticity which towers over the other outlets; try  the Super Star burger and wasabi fries to get what I mean!

5. Big Chill Cakery

Once you're done with all that, you're up for dessert, aren't you? Then you can't do better than the Big Chill Cakery. Despite a generous sprinkling of ice cream stalls, strategically placed around the mall, this place has got all the Sha-bang. Don't believe me. Indulge in their Caramel and Chocolate Cheesecake & then you will.

And there you have it! Start your Mall Exploration Quest with these five gems. But don't stop there. Go on to try every single eating joint till you've combed the mall out, and conquer this landmark of the world!

Live long and prosper!