Heading into the dreaded finals week, there’s pretty much nothing on our minds other than excessive to-do lists, grade calculations and pleading emails to professors. The inside of your dorm or apartment can get pretty dull in these long hours, so this is the perfect opportunity to try somewhere new, explore Austin and reboot your study vibes.

1. Bennu Coffee


Photo by Natalie Choy

Located on MLK only about two miles from campus, Bennu should definitely be a go-to study spot this finals season. It’s mostly known for coffee, but the menu contains some hidden gems as well. With pizzas from Hoboken Pie, flavored croissants, sandwiches from Fricano’s and pastries from Russell’s Bakery, you definitely won’t go hungry here. The best part is, it’s open 24 hours a day so it’s practically made for finals cramming.

2. Flight Path

flight path

Photo courtesy of https://coffeecultureatx.wordpress.com/

As one of Austin’s oldest coffeehouses, Flight Path promises a productive, quiet environment to get work done. Whether you like to spread your books on the table, work outside in the fresh air, or curl up on a couch, you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot. They have baked goods from local bakeries, healthy juices, delicious lattes and even a beer list if you’re feeling extra stressed.

3. Whole Foods Domain


Photo by Natalie Choy


Photo by Natalie Choy

Everyone loves the Whole Foods headquarters on Sixth street, but the newer Whole Foods in the Domain deserves some attention too. With a lot of seating, inside and out, and outlets available near the tables, it’s easy to settle in and get some serious studying done.

4. Figure 8


Photo by Natalie Choy

Located in East Austin, this coffee shop is probably exactly what you think it’s going to be: hipster, busy and relaxing all at the same time. If you like some background noise, you’ll definitely be productive here since there’s always people coming and going and live music from featured DJs on Sundays.

5. Vintage Heart


Photo courtesy of https://workfrom.co/vintage-heart-coffee

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a study spot that will make you feel like you’re in your own home. Between the coffee in mason jars, pro-baristas and vegan-friendly pastries, there’s no doubt that you’re in an Austin coffee shop. To make it even better, there are food trucks located right next door if you need a quick bite to eat.

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