While even bad pizza is still pretty good, its best to know where you’re gonna get the most bang for your buck and satisfy your need for the best pizza you can get. Ranked by your fellow DU students, the top 5 spots near campus to get your za.

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5. Joyce’s Famous Pizzeria

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With a wide range of both Pizza and tasty subs, Joyce’s is the place to go when you’ve got an empty stomach and some extra time on your hands. Their munchies menu includes all of your favorite carbs like garlic cheese bread and sweet potato fries. It’s like Fat Shack 2.0 and they have pizza. Win win situation.

4. Domino’s Pizza

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Domino’s is a great place for delivery pizza when you’re too lazy to leave the dorms or your comfy couch. Post up with some domino’s and your favorite movie and you’re set to never leave the house.

3. Blackjack Pizza

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Similar to Domino’s, Blackjack great place to call for a study break pie, they offer a wide variety of pizzas and an option to customize your own. Their thick crusts are to die for and there is nothing better than opening the lid of that pizza box for the first time. All of the smells and all of the pizza joy.

2. Anthony’s Pizza

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Next on the list is Anthony’s Pizza. This spot is just down the street from University of Denver on Evans Ave. They offer a Wednesday night special of one slice of cheese pizza for $1. It has lots of seating and is a great place to hang out. They make their pizza incredibly fast for those that want to grab a slice on the go. Disclaimer: the slices are usually about the size of your head but who’s complaining? Definitely not this adorable puppy.

1. Sexy Pizza

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Located on Pearl street just under 2 miles away this is the spot for best pizza in the area. Pizza choices range from the traditional cheese to a Sexy Sheikh (Pepperoni, Fresh Jalapenos, Cream Cheese, and Mozzarella). They also offer a calzone option for each of their pizza flavors and a wide array of other Italian foods. For of age diners, Sexy Pizza offers a wide range of craft beers to enjoy. Sexy Pizza also partners with a variety of local philanthropies. And pizza continues to make the world a better place.