I’m a big fan of the noodle section of the food pyramid. Delicious strands of carbs, pulling that savory broth or sauce along with it, accompanied by any number of delectable meats or veggies along for the ride. The perfect meal fit for any time of the day.

So if you’re like me and always on the search for the next great noodle spot in Vegas, check out these favorites of mine and feel free to comment on what yours are so I can check it out too!

1) Marugame Monzo LV

Udon is an ultimate favorite for noodles. The texture of the chewy noodles coupled with the complex, yet very clean, and refreshing broth makes for a comforting meal. While Marugame is relatively new in Las Vegas, it has been doing extremely well in Los Angeles. Check out this awesome place for a great simple beef udon! Plus, the udon is handmade - how's that for bonus points?

2) Monta Ramen

You can’t call yourself a local Las Vegan and noodle connosieur without having gone to Monta Ramen. Not only is the ramen super comforting and filling, it is also well priced, making it a favorite of local UNLV students. The wait to get in is always super long, but it moves fast!

3) Viet Noodle Bar

Nothing beats a nice large bowl of ribeye pho with beef balls after a long night out with friends. Not only does the Viet Noodle Bar serve up a great classical bowl of pho to satisfy any and all hunger, they also serve other amazing Vietnamese dishes from wraps, to bowls, to even BBQ.

4) JINYA Ramen Bar

If you are looking for noodles but craving something a little more adventurous, check out JINYA. They have some really interesting combinations, which is not surprising being that the brand comes from California. While just a tad more expensive than Monta, the price is worth it if you're looking to treat yourself once in a while to some extra delicious noodles.

5) The Noodle Man

When the name of the restaurant has “noodle” in it, you know you came to the right place. Noodle Man serves, you guessed it, noodles, oodles and oodles of noodles.

They make their noodles from scratch and you can see the worker in the window pulling them for hours and getting a good workout. Chinese noodles are the ultimate comfort food and you can never go wrong with any of the many types they have on the menu

So if you’re like me and always hungry, check out these amazing noodle places in Las Vegas. They are sure to satisfy your carb cravings while at the same time making you feel like you did something good for your soul. Be sure to recommend your favorites too!