It’s college. Every weekend revolves around going out. And if you’re like me you often find yourself after a long night of drinking, stumbling home and immediately opening the cabinet to look for something to satisfy your late night craving. But, once again, if you’re like me, the contents of your kitchen cabinet are often never enough. What’s the solution to this age old problem? Finding the right place in Clemson to eat at before you go home.

Waffle House

late-night eats

Photo courtesy of Townsend Huguley

I’m almost positive that it is a statistical fact that every exit in South Carolina leads to a Waffle House. Waffle House’s various breakfast options offer something for those who want something sweet or something savory to end their night. All in all, Waffle House is the halfway house of food and drunk people that may both intrigue and scare you.

Jimmy John’s

late-night eats

Photo courtesy of Jake Toth

I am huge fan of Jimmy John’s and will stand by their delicious sandwiches and their “freaky fast delivery” until the day I die. My only complaint is, after a long night of competitive drinking against myself, I need something with a little more substance. A cold cut and a bag of chips? Tasty for sure, but a little too much like a 5th grader’s lunch that my mom packed.


late-night eats

Photo courtesy of Patrick Burrows

Cookout is a beacon of hope in a room full of darkness, a ray of sunshine in the midst of clouds, and a ridiculously cheap and delicious eat after a night out. Cookout’s menu is decently vast and thus has a little something for everyone after a long night of drinking. Downside: you’re going to need either a generous DD or some serious determination and desire to get you here at the end of the night. Nonetheless, it is always #worthit.

Little Caesar’s

late-night eats

Photo courtesy of @littlecaesars on Instagram

Five dollars, hot and ready. I don’t care what it’s advertising; I would probably sprint to anything with that description once I’ve had a couple drinks. My personal favorite, despite the $5 deal, is their cheesy bread that oozes with cheese and is topped with some kind of light garlic sauce that I suspect only a Renaissance painter could brush on so perfectly.


late-night eats

Photo courtesy of Soham Gokhale

If Little Caesar’s is the prince of pizza, Todaro’s is his matriarch—ruling over her vast downtown domain and graciously welcoming in her loyal, and intoxicated, subjects with open arms. Todaro’s sits right at the heart of downtown and has every type of pizza imaginable—from the humble cheese and pepperoni to the extravagant buffalo chicken. I love you, Todaro’s. Sorry I tried to crawl over the counter that one time.